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Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming 7249 Games and 12517 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Gymnastics of Columbia College 1805 New York Manhattan NY United States
Ballgame First Ward Of New York v Ninth and Fifteenth Ward of New York 1832 New York Manhattan NY United States
Ballgame Gothams Club of New York v Knickerbocker Base Ball Club of New York 23 - 1 1846-06-19 Hoboken Hudson County NJ NJ First Match Game Under NY Rules
Club Olympic Club of Boston 1853-07 Boston MA MA
Club Club of Birmingham, MI 1854 Birmingham MI MI
Club Washington Club of Orange 1855-05-26 Orange Essex County NJ NJ First in Essex County
Ballgame In Corvallis in 1856 1856 Corvallis OR OR
Club Union Club of Chicago 1856-08-12 Chicago IL IL
Club Club of New Orleans 1857 New Orleans LA LA
Club Aurora Base Ball Club of Providence 1857-03 Providence RI RI
Club Club of Little Rock 1857-04 Little Rock AR AR
Ballgame In Bloomington on 12 June 1857 1857-06-12 Bloomington IL IL
Ballgame In Falmouth on 4 July 1857 1857-07-04 Falmouth MA MA
Club Nininger Base Ball Club 1857-08-03 Nininger MN MN
Ballgame Nininger Base Ball Club v Inter-squad 1857-08-08 Nininger MN MN
Ballgame Rumney's Harness Makers v Baldwin's Harness Makers 61 - 54 1857-08-22 Detroit MI MI
Ballgame In New Haven in December 1857 1857-12 New Haven CT CT
Club Mazeppas Club of Stamford 1858 Stamford CT CT
Club Louisville Base Ball Club 1858 Louisville KY KY
Club Portland Base Ball Club 1858 Portland ME ME
Club Excelsior Club of Baltimore 1858 Baltimore MD MD
Club San Francisco Base Ball Club 1858 San Francisco CA CA
Ballgame In La Porte in 1858 1858 La Porte CA CA
Club Pastime Base Ball Club No. 2 of Davenport 1858 Davenport IA IA
Club Base Ball Club of Chilton 1858-04 Chilton WI WI
Ballgame In Peterborough in April 1858 1858-04 Peterborough NH NH
Club Union Base Ball Club of Fisherville 1858-06-08 Fisherville NH NH
Ballgame Louisville Base Ball Club v Louisville Base Ball Club 52 - 41 1858-06-18 Louisville KY KY
Ballgame In Grand Rapids on 19 June 1858 1858-06-19 Grand Rapids WI WI
Club Base Ball Club of Cincinnati 1858-07-22 Cincinnati OH OH
Ballgame Base Ball Club of Cincinnati v Base Ball Club of Cincinnati 1858-07-23 Cincinnati OH OH
Ballgame In Honolulu on 31 July 1858 1858-07-31 Honolulu HI HI
Club Irasburg Base Ball Club 1858-08 Irasburg VT VT
Club Penn Tigers Club of Philadelphia 1858-09-30 Philadelphia PA PA
Ballgame Penn Tigers Club of Philadelphia v Penn Tigers Club of Philadelphia 24 - 23 1858-11-18 Philadelphia PA PA
Ballgame In Emporia on 25 December 1858 1858-12-25 Emporia KS KS
Club Potomac Club of Washington 1859 Washington DC DC
Club Cyclone Club of St. Louis 1859 St. Louis MO MO
Ballgame In Savannah in 1859 1859 Savannah GA GA
Club Coyottes Club of Otoe University 1859 Nebraska City NE NE
Club Club of Galveston 1859-02-24 Galveston TX TX First Club in Texas
Ballgame In Washington in March 1859 1859-03 Washington IA IA
Ballgame Burlington Times employees v Tobacconists 1859-04-08 Burlington VT VT
Club Club of Logansport 1859-04-28 Logansport IN IN
Ballgame Portland Base Ball Club v Tri-Mountain Club of Boston 21 - 14 1859-06-28 Portland ME ME
Ballgame Louisiana Club of New Orleans v Louisiana Club of New Orleans 82 - 24 1859-07-29 New Orleans LA LA
Ballgame Empire Club of New Orleans v Louisiana Club of New Orleans 1859-08-12 New Orleans LA LA First match game between two different clubs in LA.
Club Olympic Club of Macon 1859-09 Macon GA GA
Ballgame In Camp Floyd in 1859 1859 Camp Floyd UT UT
Ballgame In Ceredo on 24 December 1859 1859-12-24 Ceredo WV WV
Club Wickersham Base Ball Club of Memphis 1860-01-26 Memphis TN TN
Ballgame Excelsior Club of Baltimore v Excelsior Club of Baltimore 1860-03-30 Baltimore MD MD
Ballgame Marion Club of Brooklyn v Sumpter Club of Norfolk 12 - 11 1860-04-24 Norfolk VA VA
Club Sumpter Club of Norfolk 1860-04-24 Norfolk VA VA
Ballgame Jefferson Club of Washington v Atlanta Club of Washington 24 - 16 1860-06-23 Washington DC DC
Ballgame In Biloxi in July 1860 1860-07 Biloxi MS MS
Ballgame In Nashville in July 1860 1860-07 Nashville TN TN
Ballgame In New Albany in February 1861 1861-02 New Albany IN IN
Ballgame Union army POWs v Union army POWs 1861 San Antonio TX TX
Ballgame In Denver on 1 November 1861 1861-11-01 Denver CO CO
Ballgame In Beaufort in 1862 1862 Beaufort SC SC
Ballgame Union Army POWs v Union Army POWs 1862 Salisbury NC NC
Club Denver Base Ball Club 1862-03-29 Denver CO CO First Club in Colorado Territory
Ballgame Brown University Club of Providence v Harvard Club of Cambridge 17 - 27 1863-06-27 Providence RI RI
Ballgame In Larkinsville in March 1864 1864-03 Larkinsville AL AL
Ballgame In Fort Abercrombie on 2 March 1864 1864-03-02 Fort Abercrombie ND ND
Club Union Base Ball Club of Salt Lake City 1864-04 Salt Lake City UT UT
Club Mississippi Valley BBC of Vicksburg 1864-10 Vicksburg MS MS
Club Frontier Club of Fort Leavenworth 1865 Fort Leavenworth KS KS
Club Star Club of Wheeling 1865 Wheeling WV WV
Club Pawtuxet Club of Wilmington 1865 Wilmington DE DE
Ballgame Athletic Club of Philadelphia v Diamond State Base Ball Club of Wilmington 104 - 7 1865-10-28 Wilmington DE DE
Ballgame Officers of the garrison v Officers of the garrison 1865-11-13 Fort Laramie WY WY
Ballgame In Lake City in December 1865 1865-12 Lake City FL FL
Club Clackamas Base Ball Club of Oregon City 1866 Oregon City OR OR
Club Palmetto Club of Charleston 1866 Charleston SC SC
Ballgame Rocky Mountain Club of Virginia City v Rocky Mountain Club of Virginia City 121 - 88 1866 Virginia City MT MT
Club Pioneer Club of Raleigh 1866 Raleigh NC NC
Club Base Ball Club of Fort Laramie 1866-04-06 Fort Laramie WY WY
Club Rocky Mountain Club of Virginia City 1866-05 Virginia City MT MT
Club Club of Prescott 1866-06 Prescott AZ AZ
Club Club of Huntsville, AL 1866 Huntsville AL AL
Ballgame In Eagle Valley in August 1866 1866-08 Eagle Valley NV NV
Club Club of Punahou School 1866-09 Honolulu HI HI
Club Virginia Club of Virginia City 1866-11-29 Virginia City NV NV
Ballgame Club of Santa Fe v Club of Santa Fe 24 - 16 1867 Santa Fe NM NM
Club Continental Club of Vancouver 1867 Vancouver WA WA
Club Club of Jacksonville 1867-02 Jacksonville FL FL
Ballgame Club of Omaha v Club of Fort Calhoun 110 - 50 1867-05-09 Omaha NE NE
Ballgame Pulaski Club of Little Rock v Galaxy Club of Little Rock 67 - 15 1867-05-11 Little Rock AR AR
Ballgame Pioneer Base Ball Club of Portland v Occidental Base Ball Club of Vancouver 79 - 62 1867-05-29 Vancouver WA WA
Club Club of Santa Fe 1867-07 Santa Fe NM NM
Club Pioneer BBC Club of Boise 1868-03-24 Boise ID ID
Ballgame In Idaho City on 1 May 1868 1868-05-01 Idaho City ID ID
Club Knock down and Skin em Club of St. Paul Island 1868-07 St. Paul Island AK AK
Ballgame 7th US Cavalry v 19th Kansas 1869 Fort Sill OK OK
Club Star of the West Club of Vermillion 1869-04 Vermillion SD SD
Ballgame In Sonoita in 1870 1870 Sonoita AZ AZ
Ballgame Spotted Tails Club of Vermillion v Shoo Fly Club of Star Prairie 36 - 6 1870-07-04 Vermillion SD SD
Club Bismarck and Camp Hancock Base Ball Club 1873-08-10 Bismarck ND ND Earliest known reference to a base ball club

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