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Special Analyses that Make Use of Protoball's Own Data Bases

The Spread of Base Ball, 1859 - 1870 by Bruce Allardice
Some New Data on the Spread of Base Ball in the United States (Version 1.0, 9/26/2013)
The Spread of Early Base Ball in Illinois to 1870 by Bruce Allardice
Tracking and Explaining the Spread of Modern Base Ball in Illinois, 1858-1870
Length of Games, 1860-1865 1.0 by Bob Tholkes
How Long Did Games Take 160 Years Ago?
Base Ball on the Field, 1858-1865 by Bruce Allardice
Tracking Run-scoring and Some Other On-Field Data Before 1866 [Published in Baseball Research Journal, Spring 2020, pages 85ff]
Sons of Liberty by Tom Gilbert
The Meaning of Early Base Ball Club Names [Published in Base Ball, Volume 11 (2019), pages 29ff]
Number of Known BB Clubs in 40 Largest US Cities, 1870 3.0 by Bruce Allardice
Which Cities Had the Most Early Ballclubs Per Capita?
Runs, Runs and More Runs: Baseball 1866-1870. By the Numbers by Bruce Allardice
Baseball statistics from the pre-pro era. From BRJ, Fall 2021
Ballplaying by Civil War Soldiers 1.0 by Bruce Allardice
Nearly 400 Finds Let Us Understand the Frequency and Nature of Military Ballplaying During the War