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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Connecticut 14 Games and 134 Clubs

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14 Games and 134 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame 1857-12 New Haven CT CT
Club Mazeppas Club of Stamford 1858 Stamford CT CT
Club Quinnipiack Club of New Haven 1858-05-14 New Haven CT New Haven, CT
Ballgame Mazeppas Club of Stamford v Mazeppas Club of Stamford 84 - 31 1858-11 Stamford CT Stamford, CT
Club Club of Manchester 1860 Manchester CT Manchester, CT
Ballgame 1860 Manchester CT Manchester, CT
Club Independent Club of Hartford 1860-05-18 Hartford CT Hartford, CT
Club Niptuck Club of East Woodstock 1860-05-25 Woodstock CT Woodstock, CT
Ballgame Independent Club of Hartford v Mechanics Club of Hartford 9 - 39 1860-09-15 Hartford CT Hartford, CT
Club Club of Norwich 1860-12-09 Norwich CT Norwich, CT
Club Club of Collinsville 1864 Collinsville CT Collinsville, CT
Club Club of Waterbury 1864-08 Waterbury CT Waterbury, CT
Club Wynooski Club of Plantsville 1865 Plantsville CT Plantsville, CT
Club American Club of Bridgeport 1865 Bridgeport CT Bridgeport, CT
Club Agallian Club of Middletown 1865 Middletown CT Middletown, CT
Club Club of Washington, CT 1865 Washington CT Washington, CT
Club Club of Kent 1865 Kent CT Kent, CT
Club Club of Plymouth, CT 1865 Plymouth CT Plymouth, CT
Club Club of Wolcottville (now Torrington) 1865 Torrington CT Torrington, CT
Club Pequod Club of New London 1866 New London CT New London, CT
Club Lincoln Club of New Britain 1866 New Britain CT New Britain, CT
Club National Club of Meriden 1866 Meriden CT Meriden, CT
Club Oceanic Club of Mystic 1866 Mystic CT Mystic, CT
Club Athletic, Active Club of Cheshire 1866 Cheshire CT Cheshire, CT
Club Alert Club of Norwalk 1866 Norwalk CT Norwalk, CT
Club Enterprise Club of Danielsonville 1866 Killingly CT Killingly, CT
Club Valley Club of West Suffield 1866 Suffield CT Suffield, CT
Club Quinnipiacks Club of West Meriden 1866-06 West Meriden CT West Meriden, CT
Club Osceola Club of Stratford 1866-06-18 Stratford CT Stratford, CT
Club Squonnemog Club of Poquonnock 1866-08 Poquonnock CT Poquonnock, CT
Club Wooster Club of Danbury 1866 Danbury CT Danbury, CT
Club Aetna Club of Windsor Locks 1866 Windsor Locks CT Windsor Locks, CT
Club Monitors Club of Westport 1866 Westport CT Westport, CT
Club Excelsior Club of Rockville 1866 Rockville CT Rockville, CT
Club Townsend Club of East Haven 1867 East Haven CT East Haven, CT
Club Cataract Club of West Haven 1867 West Haven CT West Haven, CT
Club Dexter Club of Windsor 1867 Windsor CT Windsor, CT
Club Leader Base Ball Club of Thompsonville 1867 Thompsonville CT Thompsonville, CT
Club Dutton Club of Litchfield 1867 Litchfield CT Litchfield, CT
Club Qui Vive Club of Derby 1867 Derby CT Derby, CT
Club Crescent Base Ball Club of Centerville 1867 Centerville CT Centerville, CT
Club Club of Enfield 1867 Enfield CT Enfield, CT
Club Base Ball Club of Bristol 1867 Bristol CT Bristol, CT
Club Eagle Club of Branford 1869 Branford CT Branford, CT
Club Americus Club of Greenwich 1870 Greenwich CT Greenwich, CT
Club Essex Club of Essex 1870 Essex CT Essex, CT
Club Quinnipiac Club of Wallingford 1870 Wallingford CT Wallingford, CT
Club Eagle Base Ball Club of Terryville 1871 Terryville CT Terryville, CT

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