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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > South Dakota 9 Games and 53 Clubs

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9 Games and 53 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Star of the West Club of Vermillion 1869-04 Vermillion SD SD
Club Club of Yankton 1870-03-02 Yankton SD Yankton, SD
Ballgame Spotted Tails Club of Vermillion v Shoo Fly Club of Star Prairie 36 - 6 1870-07-04 Vermillion SD SD
Ballgame O'Reilly Club of the 22nd Infantry v Trotter Club of the 14th Infantry 30 - 44 1870-07-09 Fort Randall SD Fort Randall, SD
Ballgame Dirty Stockings v Government Socks 1870-10 Fort Sully SD Fort Sully, SD
Ballgame Coyotes Club of Yankton v White Caps Club of Sioux City 56 - 25 1870-10-21 Yankton SD Yankton, SD
Club Club of the Cheyenne Agency 1871 Cheyenne Agency SD Cheyenne Agency, SD
Club Reserves Club of Sioux Falls 1871-08 Sioux Falls SD Sioux Falls, SD
Club Union County Base Ball Club of Elk Point 1872 Elk Point SD Elk Point, SD
Club Club of Jefferson, SD 1874 Jefferson SD Jefferson, SD
Club Club of Swan Lake 1875 Swan Lake SD Swan Lake, SD
Club Star Club of Turkey Creek 1875 Turkey Creek SD Turkey Creek, SD
Club Club of Lodi 1876 Lodi SD Lodi, SD
Club Base Ball Club of Deadwood 1878 Deadwood SD Deadwood, SD
Club Club of Rockerville 1878 Rockerville SD Rockerville, SD
Club Club of Rapid City 1878 Rapid City SD Rapid City, SD
Club Bear Butte Club of Crook City 1878 Crook City SD Crook City, SD
Club Club of Lead City 1878 Lead SD Lead, SD
Club Club of Central City 1878 Central City SD Central City, SD
Ballgame Pastime Club of General Bradley's cavalry v Base Ball Club of Deadwood 1878 Spearfish SD Spearfish, SD
Club Light Foot Club of Canton 1878 Canton SD Canton, SD
Club Favorite Club of Fort Meade 1879 Fort Meade SD Fort Meade, SD
Ballgame The soldiers v Base Ball Club of Deadwood 1879 Sturgis SD Sturgis, SD
Club Club of Gayville 1880 Gayville SD Gayville, SD
Club Club of Parker 1880 Parker SD Parker, SD
Club Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul RR Club of Marion 1880 Marion SD Marion, SD
Club Club of Menno 1880 Menno SD Menno, SD
Club Club of Tyndall 1880 Tyndall SD Tyndall, SD
Club Pansy Blossom Club of Pierre 1882 Pierre SD Pierre, SD
Club Club of Huron 1882 Huron SD Huron, SD
Club Club of Mitchell 1882 Mitchell SD Mitchell, SD
Club Club of Cavour 1882 Cavour SD Cavour, SD
Club Club of Lennox 1882 Lennox SD Lennox, SD
Club Club of Kimball 1882 Kimball SD Kimball, SD
Club Cork Pullers Club of De Smet 1882 De Smet SD De Smet, SD
Club Club of Columbia SD 1883 Columbia SD Columbia, SD
Club Club of Milltown 1883 Milltown SD Milltown, SD
Club Club of Bridgewater 1883-09 Bridgewater SD Bridgewater, SD
Club Club of Clifton SD 1884 Clifton SD Clifton, SD
Club Brown Club of Blount 1884 Blunt SD Blunt, SD
Club Club of Clark 1884 Clark SD Clark, SD
Club Club of Frederick 1884 Frederick SD Frederick, SD
Club Club of Wessington Springs 1884-05-31 Wessington Springs SD Wessington Springs, SD
Ballgame Pierre Reds of Pierre v Brown Club of Blount 1884-07 Pierre SD Pierre, SD
Club Club of Chamberlain 1884 Chamberlain SD Chamberlain, SD
Club Club of Watertown 1885 Watertown SD Watertown, SD
Club Club of Broadland 1885 Broadland SD Broadland, SD
Club Club of Woonsocket 1886 Woonsocket SD Woonsocket, SD
Club Club of Aberdeen 1886 Aberdeen SD Aberdeen, SD
Club Club of Fort Sully 1886 Fort Sully SD Fort Sully, SD
Club Club of Redfield 1886-08 Redfield SD Redfield, SD
Club Club of Plankinton 1887 Plankinton SD Plankinton, SD
Club Club of Brookings, SD 1888 Brookings SD Brookings, SD

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