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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Iowa 11 Games and 158 Clubs

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11 Games and 158 Clubs

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Games, Clubs, Predecessor Games, Fields


Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Pastime Base Ball Club No. 2 of Davenport 1858 Davenport IA IA
Ballgame In Washington in March 1859 1859-03 Washington IA IA
Ballgame In Davenport on 23 April 1859 1859-04-23 Davenport IA Davenport, IA
Ballgame Third Ward v Fourth Ward 1863 Dubuque IA Dubuque, IA
Club Hawkeye Club of Dubuque 1863 Dubuque IA Dubuque, IA
Ballgame In Cedar Falls on 10 April 1863 1863-04-10 Cedar Falls IA Cedar Falls, IA
Club Club of Independence 1864-04-29 Independence IA Independence, IA
Club Club of Muscatine 1864 Muscatine IA Muscatine, IA
Club Capital City Club of Des Moines 1866 Des Moines IA Des Moines, IA
Club Club of Marion, Iowa 1866 Marion IA Marion, IA
Club Excelsior Club of Manchester 1866 Manchester IA Manchester, IA
Club Club of Boone 1866 Boone IA Boone, IA
Club Marshalltown Base Ball Club 1866 Marshalltown IA Marshalltown, IA
Club Mystic Club of Clinton 1866 Clinton IA Clinton, IA
Club Excelsior Club of Wheatland 1866 Wheatland IA Wheatland, IA
Club Western Club of Burlington 1866 Burlington IA Burlington, IA
Club Washington BBC of Washington IA 1866 Washington IA Washington, IA
Club Empire Club of Waterloo 1866-03-12 Waterloo IA Waterloo, IA
Club Club of Iowa Falls 1866 Iowa Falls IA Iowa Falls, IA
Club Club of Fort Dodge 1866 Fort Dodge IA Fort Dodge, IA
Club Club of DeWitt 1866-05 DeWitt IA DeWitt, IA
Club Alert Club of Mt. Pleasant 1866-07-31 Mt. Pleasant IA Mt. Pleasant, IA
Club Hawkeye Club of Tipton 1866 Tipton IA Tipton, IA
Club Active Club of Ottumwa 1866-10 Ottumwa IA Ottumwa, IA
Club Iowa City Base Ball Club 1866 Iowa City IA Iowa City, IA
Club Peerless Club of Tabor 1867 Tabor IA Tabor, IA
Club Club of McGregor 1867 McGregor IA McGregor, IA
Club Club of Winterset 1867 Winterset IA Winterset, IA
Club Club of Nevada, Iowa 1867 Nevada IA Nevada, IA
Club Club of Iowa College, Grinnell 1867 Grinnell IA Grinnell, IA
Club Club of Council Bluffs 1867 Council Bluffs IA Council Bluffs, IA
Club Lookout Club of Floyd 1867 Floyd IA Floyd, IA
Club Tiger Club of Charles City 1867 Charles City IA Charles City, IA
Club Proud Mahaska Club of Oskaloosa 1867 Oskaloosa IA Oskaloosa, IA
Club Club of Eldora 1867 Eldora IA Eldora, IA
Club Zouave Club of Vinton 1867 Vinton IA Vinton, IA
Club Waupokonita Club of Belle Plaine 1867 Belle Plaine IA Belle Plaine, IA
Club Club of Toledo, IA 1867-05 Toledo IA Toledo, IA
Club Jefferson Club of Fairfield 1867-05-24 Fairfield IA Fairfield, IA
Club Cedar Falls Base Ball Club 1867-05-29 Cedar Falls IA Cedar Falls, IA
Club Pioneer Club of Keokuk 1867 Keokuk IA Keokuk, IA
Club Independent Club of Wilton 1867 Wilton IA Wilton, IA
Club Mechanics Club of Jefferson County 1867-06-08 Jefferson County IA Jefferson County, IA
Club Star Club of Waverly 1867 Waverly IA Waverly, IA
Ballgame Jefferson Club of Fairfield v Mechanics Club of Fairfield 50 - 23 1867-07-27 Fairfield IA Fairfield, IA
Club Hawk Eye Club of Monticello 1867 Monticello IA Monticello, IA
Club Webster City Base Ball Club 1867 Webster City IA Webster City, IA
Club Young America Club of Anamosa 1867 Anamosa IA Anamosa, IA
Ballgame Washington BBC of Washington IA v Jefferson Club of Fairfield 54 - 35 1867-08-01 Brighton IA Brighton, IA
Club Club of Ames 1867-08-02 Ames IA Ames, IA
Club Milo Club of Chariton 1867-08-15 Chariton IA Chariton, IA
Club Surprise Club of Knoxville 1867 Knoxville IA Knoxville, IA
Club Cedar Rapids Base Ball Club 1867 Cedar Rapids IA Cedar Rapids, IA
Ballgame In Osage in 1867 1867 Osage IA Osage, IA
Club Occidental Club of Lansing 1868 Lansing IA Lansing, IA
Club Club of Fredericksburg, Iowa 1868 Fredericksburg IA Fredericksburg, IA
Club Club of Waukon 1868 Waukon IA Waukon, IA
Club Rustic Club of Hudson 1868 Hudson IA Hudson, IA
Club Young Hickories Club of Forest City 1868 Forest City IA Forest City, IA
Club Club of West Union 1868 West Union IA West Union, IA
Club Club of Lime Springs 1868 Lime Springs IA Lime Springs, IA
Club Sentinel Club of Sioux City 1868 Sioux City IA Sioux City, IA
Club Club of Conover 1868 Conover IA Conover, IA
Club Club of Viola 1868 Viola IA Viola, IA
Club Monroe Base Ball Club of Albia 1868 Albia IA Albia, IA
Club Carroll City Base Ball Club 1868 Carroll IA Carroll, IA
Club Exile Base Ball Club of Jefferson 1868 Jefferson IA Jefferson, IA
Club Club of Fayette, Iowa 1868 Fayette IA Fayette, IA
Club Club of Algona 1868 Algona IA Algona, IA
Club Club of Sabula 1869 Sabula IA Sabula, IA
Club Club of Springville, Iowa 1869 Springville IA Springville, IA
Club Olympic Club of Bradford 1869 Bradford IA Bradford, IA
Club Club of Onawa 1870 Onawa IA Onawa, IA
Club Club of Elkader 1870 Elkader IA Elkader, IA
Club Percival Club of Percival 1870-05-27 Percival IA Percival, IA
Club Franklin Club of Mt. Vernon 1870 Mt. Vernon IA Mt. Vernon, IA
Ballgame White Caps Club of Sioux City v Railroad Club of Cherokee 78 - 41 1870-07 Sioux City IA Sioux City, IA
Club Northern Blizzards of Estherville 1870-07-04 Estherville IA Estherville, IA
Club Troublesome Club of Atlantic 1870 Atlantic IA Atlantic, IA
Club Amateur Club of Fort Madison 1870 Fort Madison IA Fort Madison, IA
Club Star Club of Indianola 1870 Indianola IA Indianola, IA
Club Club of Clarinda 1870 Clarinda IA Clarinda, IA
Club Club of Belmond 1870 Belmond IA Belmond, IA
Club Aerial Club of Villisca 1870 Villisca IA Villisca, IA
Club Railroad Club of Cherokee 1870 Cherokee IA Cherokee, IA
Club Club of Bellevue, Iowa 1871 Bellevue IA Bellevue, IA
Ballgame In Tama on 4 July 1871 1871-07-04 Tama IA Tama, IA
Club Club of Castana 1872 Castana IA Castana, IA
Club Club of Pella 1874 Pella IA Pella, IA

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