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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Ohio 15 Games and 607 Clubs

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15 Games and 607 Clubs

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Games, Clubs, Predecessor Games, Fields


Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Base Ball Club of Cincinnati 1858-07-22 Cincinnati OH OH
Ballgame Base Ball Club of Cincinnati v Base Ball Club of Cincinnati 1858-07-23 Cincinnati OH OH
Club Club of Jefferson 1859 Jefferson OH Jefferson, OH
Club Kenyon College Club of Gambier 1860 Gambier OH Gambier, OH
Club Club of Toledo 1860 Toledo OH Toledo, OH
Ballgame 1860 Columbus OH Columbus, OH
Club Club of Poland, Ohio 1860 Poland OH Poland, OH
Club Club of Sandusky 1860-06-11 Sandusky OH Sandusky, OH
Club Railroad Club of Oberlin 1860-07-16 Oberlin OH Oberlin, OH
Club Club of Ravenna 1861-04 Ravenna OH Ravenna, OH
Ballgame 1864-08-27 Johnson Island OH Johnson Island, OH
Club Forest City Base Ball Club of Cleveland 1865 Cleveland OH Cleveland, OH
Club Lima Base Ball Club 1865 Lima OH Lima, OH
Ballgame Forest City Base Ball Club of Cleveland v Penfield Club of Oberlin College 28 - 67 1865-10-20 Cleveland OH Cleveland, OH
Club Belmont Club of Bellaire 1865 Bellaire OH Bellaire, OH
Club Athletics Club of Painesville 1866 Painesville OH Painesville, OH
Club Buckeye Club of Bridgeport 1866 Bridgeport OH Bridgeport, OH
Club Reserves Club of Hudson 1866 Hudson OH Hudson, OH
Club Eagle Base Ball Club of Belle Center 1866 Belle Center OH Belle Center, OH
Club Exercise Base Ball Club of Mansfield 1866 Mansfield OH Mansfield, OH
Club Woodsfield Club of Woodsfield 1866 Woodsfield OH Woodsfield, OH
Club Sterling Club of Piqua 1866 Piqua OH Piqua, OH
Club Mac-a-cheek Club of West Liberty 1866 West Liberty OH West Liberty, OH
Club Gallia Club of Gallipolis 1866 Gallipolis OH Gallipolis, OH
Club Muskingum Club of McConnellsville 1866 McConnellsville OH McConnellsville, OH
Club Jockey Club of Kinsman 1866 KInsman OH KInsman, OH
Club Independent Club of Gustavus 1866 Gustavus OH Gustavus, OH
Club Club of Urbana, OH 1866 Urbana OH Urbana, OH
Club Club of Bloomfield, Ohio 1866 Bloomfield OH Bloomfield, OH
Club Mahoning Club of Warren 1866 Warren OH Warren, OH
Club Scioto Club of Portsmouth 1866 Portsmouth OH Portsmouth, OH
Club Club of Marysville, Ohio 1866 Marysville OH Marysville, OH
Club XLCR Club of Delaware 1866 Delaware OH Delaware, OH
Club Club of Miamisburg 1866 Miamisburg OH Miamisburg, OH
Club Buckeye Base Ball Club of Columbus 1866-03 Columbus OH Columbus, OH
Club Youngstown Club of Youngstown 1866 Youngstown OH Youngstown, OH
Club Republic Club of Springfield 1866 Springfield OH Springfield, OH
Club Chillicothe Base Ball Club 1866-05-01 Chillicothe OH Chillicothe, OH
Club Eureka Club of Circleville 1866-06-20 Circleville OH Circleville, OH
Club Buckeye BBC Club of Dayton 1866-07 Dayton OH Dayton, OH
Ballgame Buckeye BBC Club of Dayton v Sterling Club of Piqua 1866-07-06 Dayton OH Dayton, OH
Club Enterprise Club of Sidney 1866-08 Sidney OH Sidney, OH
Club Summit Club of Akron 1866-08 Akron OH Akron, OH
Ballgame Mahoning Club of Warren v Peerless Club of Sharon, PA 20 - 19 1866-08 Warren OH Warren, OH
Club Spirit Club of St. Clairsville 1866-08-06 St. Clairsville OH St. Clairsville, OH
Club Club of Xenia 1866-09 Xenia OH Xenia, OH
Club Club of Ashtabula 1866-09 Ashtabula OH Ashtabula, OH
Club Club of Coshocton 1866 Coshocton OH Coshocton, OH
Club Trojan Club of Troy 1866-09 Troy OH Troy, OH
Club Club of Seneca 1866-09-29 Seneca OH Seneca, OH
Club Base Ball Club of Salem 1866 Salem OH Salem, OH
Club Club of Medina 1867 Medina OH Medina, OH
Club Club of Cedarville, Ohio 1867 Cedarville OH Cedarville, OH
Club Exercise Club of Alpha 1867 Alpha OH Alpha, OH
Club Alert Club of Napoleon 1867 Napoleon OH Napoleon, OH
Club Velocipedes Club of Wauseon 1867 Wauseon OH Wauseon, OH
Club Club of New Holland 1867 New Holland OH New Holland, OH
Club Guernsey Club of Cambridge 1867 Cambridge OH Cambridge, OH
Club Warren Club of Barnesville 1867 Barnesville OH Barnesville, OH
Club Live Oaks Club of Beverly 1867 Beverly OH Beverly, OH
Club Union Club of Zanesville 1867 Zanesville OH Zanesville, OH
Club Athletics Club of Fostoria 1867 Fostoria OH Fostoria, OH
Club Zouave Club of Morgan Township 1867 Morgan Township OH Morgan Township, OH
Club Buckeye Club of Lenox Township 1867 Lenox Township OH Lenox Township, OH
Club Club of Kingsville Academy 1867 Kingsville OH Kingsville, OH
Club Club of Rock Creek 1867 Rock Creek OH Rock Creek, OH
Club Club of Conneaut 1867 Conneaut OH Conneaut, OH
Club Resolute Club of West Andover 1867 West Andover OH West Andover, OH
Club Star Club of Unionville 1867 Unionville OH Unionville, OH
Club Club of Jackson, Ohio 1867 Jackson OH Jackson, OH
Club Club of London, Ohio 1867 London OH London, OH
Club Logan Stars Club of Bellefontaine 1867 Bellefontaine OH Bellefontaine, OH
Club McNeely Club of Hopedale 1867 Hopedale OH Hopedale, OH
Club Club of Mt. Pleasant, Ohio 1867 Mt. Pleasant OH Mt. Pleasant, OH
Club Hickory Club of Racine 1867 Racine OH Racine, OH
Club Lightfoot Club of Middleport 1867 Middleport OH Middleport, OH
Club Summit Club of Crestline 1867 Crestline OH Crestline, OH
Club Lexington Club of New Lexington 1867 New Lexington OH New Lexington, OH
Club Oriental Club of New Vienna 1867 New Vienna OH New Vienna, OH
Club Tilliwiggins Club of South Salem 1867 South Salem OH South Salem, OH
Club Young American Club of Greenfield 1867 Greenfield OH Greenfield, OH
Club Hillsboro Club of Hillsboro 1867 Hillsboro OH Hillsboro, OH
Club Pymatuning Club of Orangeville 1867 Orangeville OH Orangeville, OH
Club Banner Club of Baconsburg 1867 Cortland OH Cortland, OH
Club Farmers Club of Bristolville 1867 Bristolville OH Bristolville, OH
Club Pocahontas Club of Smithville 1867 Smithville OH Smithville, OH
Club Club of Kalida 1867 Kalida OH Kalida, OH
Club Club of Celina 1867 Celina OH Celina, OH
Club Club of Delphos 1867 Delphos OH Delphos, OH
Club Van Wert Base Ball Club of Van Wert 1867 Van Wert OH Van Wert, OH
Club Fountain City Club of Bryan 1867 Bryan OH Bryan, OH
Club Champion Club of Benton 1867 Benton OH Benton, OH
Club Lightfoot Club of Bowling Green 1867 Bowling Green OH Bowling Green, OH
Club Clipper Club of Weston 1867 Weston OH Weston, OH
Club Club of Maumee 1867 Maumee OH Maumee, OH
Club Fort Meigs Club of Perrysburg 1867 Perrysburg OH Perrysburg, OH
Club Lone Star Club of Harrison 1867 Harrison OH Harrison, OH
Club Spencer Club of Geneva 1867 Geneva OH Geneva, OH
Club Grand River Club of Austinburg 1867 Austinburg OH Austinburg, OH
Club Stark Club of Canton 1867 Canton OH Canton, OH

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