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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Michigan 17 Games and 358 Clubs

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17 Games and 358 Clubs

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Games, Clubs, Predecessor Games, Fields


Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Club of Birmingham, MI 1854 Birmingham MI MI
Club Franklins Club of Detroit 1857-08 Detroit MI Detroit, MI
Club Prairie Club of Schoolcraft 1859 Schoolcraft MI Schoolcraft, MI
Club Club of Pokagon 1859 Pokagon MI Pokagon, MI
Club Ypsilanti BBC 1859 Ypsilanti MI Ypsilanti, MI
Club Kalamazoo BBC 1859 Kalamazoo MI Kalamazoo, MI
Club Pioneer Club of Grand Rapids 1859 Grand Rapids MI Grand Rapids, MI
Club Dowagiac Base Ball Club 1859 Dowagiac MI Dowagiac, MI
Ballgame Early Risers Club of Detroit v Club of Detroit 21 - 59 1859-08-08 Detroit MI MI
Club Galesburg BBC 1859 Galesburg MI Galesburg, MI
Club Daybreak Club of Jackson 1860 Jackson MI Jackson, MI
Club Club of Reading, MI 1860 Reading MI Reading, MI
Club Base Ball and Wicket Club of Ann Arbor 1860-04-14 Ann Arbor MI Ann Arbor, MI
Club Hillsdale BBC 1860 Hillsdale MI Hillsdale, MI
Club Pastime Club of Marshall 1861 Marshall MI Marshall, MI
Club Union Club of Chelsea 1861-07-20 Chelsea MI Chelsea, MI
Club Union School BBC Club of Monroe 1862 Monroe MI Monroe, MI
Club Hickory Club of Howell 1862 Howell MI Howell, MI
Club Club of Three Rivers 1862-04-02 Three Rivers MI Three Rivers, MI
Club Monitor Club of Niles 1863 Niles MI Niles, MI
Club Club of Concord, MI 1863 Concord MI Concord, MI
Club Star Club of Lansing College 1865 East Lansing MI East Lansing, MI
Club Anchora Club of Adrian 1865 Adrian MI Adrian, MI
Club Lansing Lower Town Base Ball Club 1865 Lansing MI Lansing, MI
Club Owosso BBC 1865 Owosso MI Owosso, MI
Club Washington Club of Bay City 1865 Bay City MI Bay City, MI
Club Sheridan Club of Mason 1865 Mason MI Mason, MI
Club Salem Club of Washtenaw County 1865 Salem MI Salem, MI
Club Wolverine Club of White Pigeon 1866 White Pigeon MI White Pigeon, MI
Club Peninsular Club of Albion 1866 Albion MI Albion, MI
Club Ionia BBC 1866 Ionia MI Ionia, MI
Club Superior Club of Russell's Corner 1866 Russellville MI Russellville, MI
Club Otisco Club of Cooks Corners 1866 Cooks Corner MI Cooks Corner, MI
Club Club of Saranac 1866 Saranac MI Saranac, MI
Club Wolverine Club of Flint 1866 Flint MI Flint, MI
Club Wahoo Club of Dexter 1866 Dexter MI Dexter, MI
Club Lafayette Club of Paw Paw 1866 Paw Paw MI Paw Paw, MI
Club Club of Wolf Creek 1866 Wolf Creek MI Wolf Creek, MI
Club Club of Plymouth, Michigan 1866 Plymouth MI Plymouth, MI
Club Cliquer Club of Vienna 1866 Vienna MI Vienna, MI
Club Club of Jonesville 1866 Jonesville MI Jonesville, MI
Club Club of Pinckney 1866 Pinckney MI Pinckney, MI
Club Excelsior Club of Dentonville 1866 Dentonville MI Dentonville, MI
Club Maple Valley Club of Ovid 1866 Ovid MI Ovid, MI
Club Club of Tecumseh 1866 Tecumseh MI Tecumseh, MI
Club Club of Battle Creek 1866 Battle Creek MI Battle Creek, MI
Club Inland Club of Romeo 1866 Romeo MI Romeo, MI
Club Decatur Club of Decatur 1866 Decatur MI Decatur, MI
Club Eagle Club of Fowlerville 1866 Fowlerville MI Fowlerville, MI
Club Wolverine Club of Wayne 1866 Wayne MI Wayne, MI
Club Club of Okemos 1866 Okemos MI Okemos, MI
Club Monitor Club of St. Johns 1866 St. Johns MI St. Johns, MI
Club Marquette BBC 1866 Marquette MI Marquette, MI
Club Coldwater BBC; Coldwater College Nine 1866 Coldwater MI Coldwater, MI
Club Wolverine Club of Vermontville 1866 Vermontville MI Vermontville, MI
Club Club of Lyons, MI 1866 Lyons MI Lyons, MI
Club Tiger Club of Lapeer 1866 Lapeer MI Lapeer, MI
Club Olivet BBC 1866 Olivet MI Olivet, MI
Club Wolverine Club of Hudson 1866 Hudson MI Hudson, MI
Club Club of Cassopolis 1866-07-10 Cassopolis MI Cassopolis, MI
Ballgame Coldwater BBC v Coldwater BBC 1866-10-16 Coldwater MI Coldwater, MI
Club Star Club of Almont 1866 Almont MI Almont, MI
Club Agrestic BBC Club of Farmington 1867 Farmington MI Farmington, MI
Club Club of Montgomery Plains 1867 Montgomery Plains MI Montgomery Plains, MI
Club Wyandotte Star Club 1867 Wyandotte MI Wyandotte, MI
Club Caledonians Club of Blissfield 1867 Blissfield MI Blissfield, MI
Club Eagle Club of Greenville 1867 Greenville MI Greenville, MI
Club East Saginaw BBC 1867 Saginaw MI Saginaw, MI
Club Oakland Club of Holly 1867 Holly MI Holly, MI
Club Green Club of Lowell 1867 Lowell MI Lowell, MI
Club Challenge Club of Macon 1867 Macon MI Macon, MI
Club National Union Club of Pentwater 1867 Pentwater MI Pentwater, MI
Club National Club of Middleville 1867 Middleville MI Middleville, MI
Club Regulars Club of Mt. Clemens 1867 Mt. Clemens MI Mt. Clemens, MI
Club Hunkidori Club of Fenton 1867 Fenton MI Fenton, MI
Club Telegraph Club of Lexington 1867 Lexington MI Lexington, MI
Club Island Club of Plainwell 1867 Plainwell MI Plainwell, MI
Club Banner Club of Cherry Hill 1867 Cherry Hill MI Cherry Hill, MI
Club Hastings BBC 1867 Hastings MI Hastings, MI
Club Club of St. Louis, Michigan 1867 St. Louis MI St. Louis, MI
Club Club of Hickory Corners 1867 Hickory Corners MI Hickory Corners, MI
Club Wolverine Club of Muskegon 1867 Muskegon MI Muskegon, MI
Club Mayflower Club of Maple Rapids 1867 Maple Rapids MI Maple Rapids, MI
Club Prairie Club of Charlotte 1867 Charlotte MI Charlotte, MI
Club Club of Corunna 1867 Corunna MI Corunna, MI
Club Star Club of Quincy, Michigan 1867 Quincy MI Quincy, MI
Club Fleet Club of Spaulding's Corners 1867 Spaulding's Corners MI Spaulding's Corners, MI
Club Club of Eaton Rapids 1867 Eaton Rapids MI Eaton Rapids, MI
Club Excelsior Club of Lawton 1867 Lawton MI Lawton, MI
Club Defiance Club of Bellevue 1867 Bellevue MI Bellevue, MI
Club Monitor Club of Taylor 1867 Taylor MI Taylor, MI
Club Welkin Base Ball Club of Port Huron 1867 Port Huron MI Port Huron, MI
Club Stars Club of Clinton, Michigan 1867 Clinton MI Clinton, MI
Club Rag Pickers Club of Litchfield 1867 Litchfield MI Litchfield, MI
Club Club of Northville 1867 Northville MI Northville, MI
Club Star Club of Lamont 1867 Lamont MI Lamont, MI
Club Syskowits Club of Grand Haven 1867 Grand Haven MI Grand Haven, MI
Club Club of Dansville 1867 Dansville MI Dansville, MI
Club Pontiac BBC 1867 Pontiac MI Pontiac, MI
Club Ziska Club of Homer 1867 Homer MI Homer, MI

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