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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Hawaii 16 Games and 15 Clubs

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16 Games and 15 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame In Honolulu on 31 July 1858 1858-07-31 Honolulu HI HI
Club Club of Punahou School 1866-09 Honolulu HI HI
Ballgame In Waiohinu Circa 1870 1870 Waiohinu HI Waiohinu, HI
Ballgame In Waimanalo on 11 June 1873 1873-06-11 Waimanalo HI Waimanalo, HI
Club Excelsior Club of Wailuku 1876 Wailuku HI Wailuku, HI
Ballgame Insiders v Outsiders 10 - 14 1878-11-28 Kohala HI Kohala, HI
Club Club of Maui 1883 Spreckelsville HI Spreckelsville, HI
Club Club of Kahului 1883 Kahului HI Kahului, HI
Club Club of Kauai 1889 Kauai HI Kauai, HI
Ballgame In Pearl City in 1890 1890 Pearl City HI Pearl City, HI
Ballgame Roads and Bridges v Kunawai's 1890-10 Ewa HI Ewa, HI
Club Lahainaluna Club of Lahaina 1891-12-25 Lahaina HI Lahaina, HI
Club Hilo Boarding School Club of Hilo 1895 Hilo HI Hilo, HI
Club Club of Molokai 1899 Molokai HI Molokai, HI
Ballgame Hawaiian Pineapple Company Club v Hawaiian Dredging Company Club 15 - 10 1924-08-11 Lanai City HI Lanai City, HI

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