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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Georgia 12 Games and 139 Clubs

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12 Games and 139 Clubs

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Games, Clubs, Predecessor Games, Fields


Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame 1859 Savannah GA GA
Club Olympic Club of Macon 1859-09 Macon GA GA
Club Club of Augusta 1859-11 Augusta GA Augusta, GA
Ballgame Olympic Club of Macon v Olympic Club of Macon 1860-02-11 Macon GA Macon, GA
Ballgame 1860-11-07 Augusta GA Augusta, GA
Ballgame 48th NY Infantry 1862 Fort Pulaski GA Fort Pulaski, GA
Ballgame 1864 Cartersville GA Cartersville, GA
Club Picked Nine club of the 173rd New York 1865 Savannah GA Savannah, GA
Ballgame Atlanta Base Ball Club v Gate City BBC of Atlanta 29 - 127 1866-05-12 Atlanta GA Atlanta, GA
Club Atlanta Base Ball Club 1866-05-12 Atlanta GA Atlanta, GA
Club Empire Club of Columbus 1866-06 Columbus GA Columbus, GA
Club Dixie Club of Athens 1866 Athens GA Athens, GA
Club Club of Griffin 1867-09 Griffin GA Griffin, GA
Club Club of Hawkinsville 1867-11 Hawkinsville GA Hawkinsville, GA
Club Club of Dawson, GA 1868 Dawson GA Dawson, GA
Club K. K. Club of Covington 1868 Covington GA Covington, GA
Club Emory Club of Oxford 1868 Oxford GA Oxford, GA
Club Club of Penfield (Mercer U.) 1868-05-23 Penfield (Mercer U.) GA Penfield (Mercer U.), GA
Club Crescent Club of Newnan 1868 Newnan GA Newnan, GA
Club Club of Fort Valley 1868 Fort Valley GA Fort Valley, GA
Club Tiger Club of Vineville 1868 Vineville GA Vineville, GA
Club Kennesaw Club of Marietta 1868-10-13 Marietta GA Marietta, GA
Ballgame Southern Star Club of Marietta v Kennesaw Club of Marietta 1868-10-13 Marietta GA Marietta, GA
Club Etowah Club of Cartersville 1869 Cartersville GA Cartersville, GA
Club Athletic Club of Washington, GA 1869 Washington GA Washington, GA
Club Oconee Club of Watkinsville 1869 Watkinsville GA Watkinsville, GA
Club LaGrange Base Ball Club 1869 LaGrange GA LaGrange, GA
Club Oostanaula Club of Rome 1869 Rome GA Rome, GA
Club Long Cane Base Ball Club 1869 Long Cane GA Long Cane, GA
Club Club of Dalton 1869 Dalton GA Dalton, GA
Club Club of Albany 1870 Albany GA Albany, GA
Club Club of Brunswick 1870 Brunswick GA Brunswick, GA
Club Club of Greensboro, GA 1870 Greensboro GA Greensboro, GA
Club Phat Club of Americus 1870 Americus GA Americus, GA
Club Olympian Club of West Point 1870-09 West Point GA West Point, GA
Club Club of Montgomery County 1870-10 Montgomery County GA Montgomery County, GA
Club Club of Bainbridge 1870 Bainbridge GA Bainbridge, GA
Club Club of Thomasville, GA 1871 Thomasville GA Thomasville, GA
Club Old Capital Club of Milledgeville 1871-04 Milledgeville GA Milledgeville, GA
Club Rip Snorters Base Ball Club of Perry 1871 Perry GA Perry, GA
Club Horn Snogglers Club of Henderson 1871 Henderson GA Henderson, GA
Club Pastime Club of Oglethorpe 1871-08 Oglethorpe GA Oglethorpe, GA
Club Club of Sandersville, GA 1871 Sandersville GA Sandersville, GA
Club Geneva Club of Geneva 1871 Geneva GA Geneva, GA
Club Star Club of Talbotton 1871 Talbotton GA Talbotton, GA
Club Chattahoochee Club of Roswell 1872 Roswell GA Roswell, GA
Club White Stockings Club of Barnesville 1872 Barnesville GA Barnesville, GA
Club Tallulah Club of Thomaston 1872 Thomaston GA Thomaston, GA
Club Greeley Club of Kingston 1872 Kingston GA Kingston, GA
Club Cherokee Club of Calhoun 1872 Calhoun GA Calhoun, GA
Club Magnolia Club of Cuthbert 1872-03 Cuthbert GA Cuthbert, GA
Club Rustics Club of Lumpkin 1872 Lumpkin GA Lumpkin, GA
Club Independent Club of Montezuma 1872 Montezuma GA Montezuma, GA
Club Chattahoochee Club of Georgetown 1872 Georgetown GA Georgetown, GA
Club Club of Fairburn 1873 Fairburn GA Fairburn, GA
Club Club of Acworth 1874 Acworth GA Acworth, GA
Club Wide Awake Club of Valdosta 1874 Valdosta GA Valdosta, GA
Club Social Club of Quitman 1874 Quitman GA Quitman, GA
Club Club of Conyers 1874 Conyers GA Conyers, GA
Club OK Base Ball Club of Forsyth 1874 Forsyth GA Forsyth, GA
Club Fleet-foot Club of Cave Spring 1874 Cave Spring GA Cave Spring, GA
Club Farmers Club of Bolingbroke 1875 Bolingbroke GA Bolingbroke, GA
Club Red Clouds Club of Cairo 1875-08-14 Cairo GA Cairo, GA
Club Aucillas Club of Boston, GA 1875-10 Boston GA Boston, GA
Club Stonewalls Club of Henry County 1876 Henry County GA Henry County, GA
Club Sooners Club of Oak Hill 1876 Oak Hill GA Oak Hill, GA
Club Empire Club of Elberton 1876 Elberton GA Elberton, GA
Club Oconee Club of Monroe 1876 Monroe GA Monroe, GA
Club Pastime Club of Decatur 1876-06-10 Decatur GA Decatur, GA
Club Up and At Em Club of Thompson 1877 Thompson GA Thompson, GA
Club Puglies Club of Smyrna 1877 Smyrna GA Smyrna, GA
Club Red Belt Club of Powder Springs 1877 Powder Springs GA Powder Springs, GA
Club Active Club of Douglasville 1877 Douglasville GA Douglasville, GA
Club Phil Cook Club of Schley County 1878-07 Schley County GA Schley County, GA
Club Club of Milner 1879 Milner GA Milner, GA
Club Little Alecks Club of Crawfordville 1879-04 Crawfordville GA Crawfordville, GA
Club Varieties Club of Crawford 1879-07-25 Crawford GA Crawford, GA
Club Club of Smithville 1882 Smithville GA Smithville, GA
Ballgame 1882 Albany GA Albany, GA
Club Headlight Club of Waycross 1886 Waycross GA Waycross, GA

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