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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Indiana 12 Games and 178 Clubs

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12 Games and 178 Clubs

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Games, Clubs, Predecessor Games, Fields


Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Club of Logansport 1859-04-28 Logansport IN IN
Club Hoosiers Club of South Bend 1860 South Bend IN South Bend, IN
Club Club of Evansville 1860-07-22 Evansville IN Evansville, IN
Ballgame 1861-02 New Albany IN IN
Club Summit City Base Ball Club of Fort Wayne 1862-04-23 Fort Wayne IN Fort Wayne, IN
Ballgame Summit City Base Ball Club of Fort Wayne v Summit City Base Ball Club of Fort Wayne 57 - 37 1862-05-05 Fort Wayne IN Fort Wayne, IN
Club Club of Laporte 1865 Laporte IN Laporte, IN
Club Star of the West Club of Elkhart 1865 Elkhart IN Elkhart, IN
Club Western Club of Indianopolis 1865 Indianopolis IN Indianopolis, IN
Club Club of Indianapolis 1865-04-15 Indianapolis IN Indianapolis, IN
Club Wabash Club of Lafayette 1865 Lafayette IN Lafayette, IN
Ballgame Club of Laporte v Star of the West Club of Elkhart 98 - 28 1865-08-17 Elkhart IN Elkhart, IN
Ballgame Elkhart BBC first nine v Elkhart BBC second nine 49 - 28 1865-10 Goshen IN Goshen, IN
Club Eagle Base Ball Club of New Albany 1865-11 New Albany IN New Albany, IN
Club Club of Greencastle (Asbury College) 1866 Greencastle (Asbury College) IN Greencastle (Asbury College), IN
Club Wabash Club of Crawfordsville 1866 Crawfordsville IN Crawfordsville, IN
Club Excelsior Club of Jeffersonville 1866 Jeffersonville IN Jeffersonville, IN
Club Diamond Club of Mishawaka 1866-07-18 Mishawaka IN Mishawaka, IN
Club Zoo Zoo Base Ball Club of Cambridge City 1866-07-26 Cambridge City IN Cambridge City, IN
Club Lone Star Club of Anderson 1866-07-27 Anderson IN Anderson, IN
Club Athlete Club of Princeton, IN 1867 Princeton IN Princeton, IN
Club Excelsior Club of Vincennes 1867 Vincennes IN Vincennes, IN
Club Club of Patoka 1867 Patoka IN Patoka, IN
Club Paragon Club of Danville 1867 Danville IN Danville, IN
Club Central Club of Centerville 1867 Centerville IN Centerville, IN
Club Arctic Club of Muncie 1867 Muncie IN Muncie, IN
Club Urbana Club of Thorntown 1867 Thorntown IN Thorntown, IN
Club Franklin Club of Franklin 1867 Franklin IN Franklin, IN
Club Kosciusko Club of Pierceton 1867 Pierceton IN Pierceton, IN
Club Phoenix Club of Terre Haute 1867-06 Terre Haute IN Terre Haute, IN
Club Club of Kendallville 1867-06 Kendallville IN Kendallville, IN
Club Club of Peru 1867-06-14 Peru IN Peru, IN
Club Edinburgh Club of Edinburgh 1867 Edinburgh IN Edinburgh, IN
Club Thunder Base Ball Club of Shelbyville 1867 Shelbyville IN Shelbyville, IN
Club Hoop Pole Base Ball Club of Nashville 1867 Nashville IN Nashville, IN
Club Hoosier Club of Madison 1867 Madison IN Madison, IN
Club Fearless Club of Brookville 1867 Brookville IN Brookville, IN
Club Club of Wabash 1867 Wabash IN Wabash, IN
Club Young America Club of Fort Branch 1867 Fort Branch IN Fort Branch, IN
Club Club of Mount Vernon2 1867 Mount Vernon IN Mount Vernon, IN
Club Club of Lebanon 1867 Lebanon IN Lebanon, IN
Club Club of Petersburg, IN 1867 Petersburg IN Petersburg, IN
Club Base Ball Club of Goshen 1867 Goshen IN Goshen, IN
Club Manitan Club of Rochester 1867-07 Rochester IN Rochester, IN
Club Lightning Club of Greensburg 1867 Greensburg IN Greensburg, IN
Club Quaker City Club of Richmond 1867 Richmond IN Richmond, IN
Club Club of Delphi 1867-08 Delphi IN Delphi, IN
Club Mechanics Club of Warsaw 1867-08 Warsaw IN Warsaw, IN
Club Wildcate Base Ball Club of Kokomo 1867-08 Kokomo IN Kokomo, IN
Club Spartan Club of Connersville 1867-09 Connersville IN Connersville, IN
Club Club of Wilmington 1867-10-26 Wilmington IN Wilmington, IN
Club Hoosier Club of Aurora 1867-10-26 Aurora IN Aurora, IN
Club Star Club of Michigan City 1867 Michigan City IN Michigan City, IN
Club University Club of Bloomington 1867 Bloomington IN Bloomington, IN
Club Perserverence Club of Huntington 1867 Huntington IN Huntington, IN
Club Club of Oxford, IN 1868 Oxford IN Oxford, IN
Club Club of Knightstown 1868 Knightstown IN Knightstown, IN
Club Club of Sullivan 1868-04 Sullivan IN Sullivan, IN
Club Victors Club of Owensville 1868 Owensville IN Owensville, IN
Club Club of Plymouth 1868 Plymouth IN Plymouth, IN
Club Club of Jasper 1868-07 Jasper IN Jasper, IN
Club Club of Columbus, IN 1868 Columbus IN Columbus, IN
Club Enterprise Base Ball Club of Lawrenceburg 1868 Lawrenceburg IN Lawrenceburg, IN
Club Earthquake Base Ball Club of New Harmony 1868 New Harmony IN New Harmony, IN
Club Social Club of Vevay 1868 Vevay IN Vevay, IN
Ballgame 1868-09-08 New Harmony IN New Harmony, IN
Club Plug Uglies Club of North Vernon 1869 North Vernon IN North Vernon, IN
Club Union Club of Butlerville 1869 Butlerville IN Butlerville, IN
Club Star Club of Queensville 1869 Queensville IN Queensville, IN
Club Club of Washington Indiana 1869 Washington IN Washington, IN
Club Club of Loogoottee 1869 Loogoottee IN Loogoottee, IN
Club White Oaks Club of Marion 1869-07 Marion IN Marion, IN
Club Club of Crown Point 1869-07-09 Crown Point IN Crown Point, IN
Club Dirty Feet BBC of Rushville 1869-08 Rushville IN Rushville, IN
Ballgame Valparaiso nine v Crown Point nine 124 - 57 1869-09-07 Valparaiso IN Valparaiso, IN
Club Higgledy-Piggledy Club of Charlestown 1870 Charlestown IN Charlestown, IN
Club Club of Salem 1870 Salem IN Salem, IN
Club Shoo Fly Club of Rockport 1870 Rockport IN Rockport, IN
Club Ingleside Club of Boonville 1870 Boonville IN Boonville, IN
Club Club of Noblesville 1870-07-15 Noblesville IN Noblesville, IN
Club Awkward Club of Attica 1870-08 Attica IN Attica, IN
Club White Stocking Club of Metamora 1870-08 Metamora IN Metamora, IN
Club Ligonier Jr. Club of Ligonier 1870 Ligonier IN Ligonier, IN
Club Rough and Ready Club of Pendleton 1870 Pendleton IN Pendleton, IN
Club Active Club of Brazil 1872 Brazil IN Brazil, IN
Club Athletics Club of Hobart 1874 Hobart IN Hobart, IN
Club Nwe London Racers 1874-09 New London IN New London, IN
Club Useful Club of Seymour 1874 Seymour IN Seymour, IN
Ballgame LA Tigers v Mad Caps 4 - 70 1875-09 Adamsville IN Adamsville, IN
Club Clumsy Base Ball Club of Remington 1875 Remington IN Remington, IN
Club Club of Bremen 1875 Bremen IN Bremen, IN
Club Club of Milford 1875 Milford IN Milford, IN
Club Silene Club of Columbia City 1876-08 Columbia City IN Columbia City, IN
Ballgame Lone Star Club of Crown Point v Clippers Club of Hobart 9 - 0 1878-06 Merrillville IN Merrillville, IN
Club Hammond Club of Hammond 1878-09 Hammond IN Hammond, IN
Club Star Club of Valparaiso 1878 Valparaiso IN Valparaiso, IN
Ballgame 1884 Cedar Lake IN Cedar Lake, IN
Club Club of Dyer 1886 Dyer IN Dyer, IN
Club Whiting Grays of Whiting 1894 Whiting IN Whiting, IN
Club Penman Club of East Chicago 1896 East Chicago IN East Chicago, IN

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