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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Pennsylvania 85 Games and 490 Clubs

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85 Games and 490 Clubs

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Games, Clubs, Predecessor Games, Fields


Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Penn Tigers Club of Philadelphia 1858 Philadelphia PA PA
Ballgame Penn Tigers Club of Philadelphia v Penn Tigers Club of Philadelphia 24 - 23 1858-11-18 Philadelphia PA PA
Club Club of Nesquehoning 1859-06-11 Nesquehoning PA Nesquehoning, PA
Club Lafayette Club of Darby 1860 Darby PA Darby, PA
Club Excelsior Junior Club of Lewisburg 1860 Lewisburg PA Lewisburg, PA
Club Duquesne Club of Pittsburgh 1860 Pittsburgh PA Pittsburgh, PA
Club Union Club of Alleghney 1860 Allegheny PA Allegheny, PA
Ballgame Republicans v Democrats 1860-05-05 Wellsboro PA Wellsboro, PA
Club Club of Aliquippa 1860-06-18 Aliquippa PA Aliquippa, PA
Club Mauch Chunk Base Ball Club 1860-06-20 Mauch Chunk PA Mauch Chunk, PA
Ballgame 1860-10 Harrisburg PA Harrisburg, PA
Club Mountain Club of Altoona 1862-04 Altoona PA Altoona, PA
Club Keystone Club of Harrisburg 1862-06-27 Harrisburg PA Harrisburg, PA
Club Club of Erie 1862 Erie PA Erie, PA
Club Club of Titusville 1862 Titusville PA Titusville, PA
Club Fraser Base Ball Club of Canonsburg 1863 Canonsburg PA Canonsburg, PA
Club Susquehanna Club of Wilkes-Barre 1865-05 Wilkes-Barre PA Wilkes-Barre, PA
Club Club of Scranton 1865-05-06 Scranton PA Scranton, PA
Club Club of Evansburg 1865-06-02 Evansburg PA Evansburg, PA
Club York Base Ball Club 1865 York PA York, PA
Club Gettysburg Club of Gettysburg 1865 Gettysburg PA Gettysburg, PA
Club Alert Club of Danville 1865-09-08 Danville PA Danville, PA
Ballgame First National Club of Pittsburgh v Sherman Club of Pittsburgh 64 - 25 1865-09-22 Allegheny PA Allegheny, PA
Club Club of Port Matilda 1865 Port Matilda PA Port Matilda, PA
Club Collins Club of East Liberty 1865 East Liberty PA East Liberty, PA
Club Club of Williamsport 1865-11 Williamsport PA Williamsport, PA
Club Club of Chester, PA 1865-12-12 Chester PA Chester, PA
Club Brandywine Club of West Chester 1866 West Chester PA West Chester, PA
Club Neptune Club of Easton 1866 Easton PA Easton, PA
Club Club of Pottstown 1866 Pottstown PA Pottstown, PA
Club Excelsior Club of Coatesville 1866 Coatesville PA Coatesville, PA
Club Bald Eagle Club of Tyrone 1866 Tyrone PA Tyrone, PA
Club Amateur Club of Mercersburg 1866 Mercersburg PA Mercersburg, PA
Club Mountaineers Club of Ebensburg 1866 Ebensburg PA Ebensburg, PA
Club La Belle Club of Sewickley 1866 Sewickley PA Sewickley, PA
Club Independent Club of Johnstown 1866 Johnstown PA Johnstown, PA
Club Dahlgreen Club of New Castle 1866 New Castle PA New Castle, PA
Club Keystone Club of Kingston 1866 Kingston PA Kingston, PA
Club Whangdoodle Club of Shippensburg 1866 Shippensburg PA Shippensburg, PA
Club Juniata Club of Hollidaysburg 1866 Hollidaysburg PA Hollidaysburg, PA
Club Amateur Club of Carlisle 1866 Carlisle PA Carlisle, PA
Club Pickwick Club of Leechburg 1866 Leechburg PA Leechburg, PA
Club Energetic Club of Shady Side 1866 Shady Side PA Shady Side, PA
Club Oriental Club of Petersburg 1866 Petersburg PA Petersburg, PA
Club Venango Club of Franklin 1866 Franklin PA Franklin, PA
Club Wild Cat Club of Brookville 1866 Brookville PA Brookville, PA
Club Loyalhanna Club of Latrobe 1866 Latrobe PA Latrobe, PA
Club Forest Club of Indiana 1866 Indiana PA Indiana, PA
Club Little Luzerne Club of Eckley 1866 Eckley PA Eckley, PA
Club Susquehanna Club of Sunbury 1866 Sunbury PA Sunbury, PA
Club Peerless Club of Sharon, PA 1866 Sharon PA Sharon, PA
Club Club of Holmesburg 1866 Holmesburg PA Holmesburg, PA
Club Osceola Club of Oakland 1866 Oakland PA Oakland, PA
Club Union Club of New Brighton 1866 New Brighton PA New Brighton, PA
Club Rattling Run Club of Lykens 1866 Lykens PA Lykens, PA
Club Lake Shore Club of Girard 1866 Girard PA Girard, PA
Club Club of Brady's Bend 1866 Brady's Bend PA Brady's Bend, PA
Club Swatara Club of Middletown 1866 Middletown PA Middletown, PA
Club Club of Manchester, PA 1866 Manchester PA Manchester, PA
Club Columbia Club of Lawrenceville 1866 Lawrenceville PA Lawrenceville, PA
Club American Club of Birmingham 1866 Birmingham PA Birmingham, PA
Club Belvidere Club of Minersville 1866 Minersville PA Minersville, PA
Club Haitslog Club of Alexandria 1866 Alexandria PA Alexandria, PA
Club Seneca Club of Oil City 1866 Oil City PA Oil City, PA
Club Unity Club of Port Richmond 1866 Port Richmond PA Port Richmond, PA
Club McIntosh Club of Beaver 1866 Beaver PA Beaver, PA
Club Star Club of Meadville 1866 Meadville PA Meadville, PA
Club Quiltapahillias Club of Lebanon 1866 Lebanon PA Lebanon, PA
Club Club of Pottsville 1866 Pottsville PA Pottsville, PA
Club Washington Club of Reading 1866-04-13 Reading PA Reading, PA
Club Base Ball Club of Pithole City 1866-04-20 Pithole City PA Pithole City, PA
Club Social Base Ball Club of Huntingdon 1866-05 Huntingdon PA Huntingdon, PA
Club LaGrange Club of Washington 1866 Washington PA Washington, PA
Club Vantage Base Ball Club of Uniontown 1866-05 Uniontown PA Uniontown, PA
Club Wideawake Club of New Alexandria 1866 New Alexandria PA New Alexandria, PA
Club Marine Base Ball Club of Kensington 1866-06-01 Kensington PA Kensington, PA
Club Independent Club of Freeport 1866 Freeport PA Freeport, PA
Club Forrest Club of Punxsatawney 1866 Punxsatawney PA Punxsatawney, PA
Club Enterprise Base Ball Club of Renova 1866-06-05 Renova PA Renova, PA
Club Octoraro Club of Sadsbury 1866 Sadsbury PA Sadsbury, PA
Club Normal Club of Lancaster 1866-07-10 Lancaster PA Lancaster, PA
Club Superior Club of Wood's Run 1866-07-30 Wood's Run PA Wood's Run, PA
Club Franklin Club of Martinsburg 1866-08 Martinsburg PA Martinsburg, PA
Club Juvenile Club of New Oxford 1866-08 New Oxford PA New Oxford, PA
Club Club of Columbia 1866-08 Columbia PA Columbia, PA
Club Young America Club of Hanover 1866-08 Hanover PA Hanover, PA
Club Spread Eagle Club of Haverford 1866-08 Haverford PA Haverford, PA
Ballgame Fairplay Club v Alaquippa Club of Pittsburgh 34 - 33 1866-09-08 McKeesport PA McKeesport, PA
Club Winona Club of Towanda 1866 Towanda PA Towanda, PA
Club Club of Bellefonte 1866 Bellefonte PA Bellefonte, PA
Club Tioga Point Club of Athens 1866 Athens PA Athens, PA
Club Burlington Club of Burlington, PA 1866 Burlington PA Burlington, PA
Club Club of Waynesburg 1866 Waynesburg PA Waynesburg, PA
Club Hiawatha Club of Kittaning 1866 Kittaning PA Kittaning, PA
Club Ristori Club of Tarentum 1867 Tarentum PA Tarentum, PA
Club Eagle Club of Rochester 1867 Rochester PA Rochester, PA
Club Anchor Club of Swissvale 1867 Swissvale PA Swissvale, PA
Club Buckwheat Club of Columbus 1867 Columbus PA Columbus, PA
Club Liberty Club of Norristown 1867 Norristown PA Norristown, PA
Club Norwood Club of Millersburg 1867 Millersburg PA Millersburg, PA

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