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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > North Carolina 16 Games and 86 Clubs

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16 Games and 86 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame 1862 Salisbury NC NC
Ballgame 1862 New Bern NC New Bern, NC
Ballgame 1862 Roanoke Island NC Roanoke Island, NC
Ballgame 1865 Goldsboro NC Goldsboro, NC
Ballgame 47th New York Infantry v 48th New York Infantry 1865-07-04 Raleigh NC Raleigh, NC
Club Pioneer Club of Raleigh 1866 Raleigh NC NC
Ballgame 1866 Asheville NC Asheville, NC
Club Hornet's Nest Club of Charlotte 1866 Charlotte NC Charlotte, NC
Club University Base Ball Club of Chapel Hill 1866 Chapel Hill NC Chapel Hill, NC
Club Meteor Club of New Bern 1866-12 New Bern NC New Bern, NC
Club Club of Smithville, NC 1867 Smithville NC Smithville, NC
Club Unknowns of Beaufort 1867-01 Beaufort NC Beaufort, NC
Club Olympic Club of Rocky Mount 1867 Rocky Mount NC Rocky Mount, NC
Club Club of Edgecombe 1867 Edgecombe NC Edgecombe, NC
Club Big Lazies Club of Greensboro 1867 Greensboro NC Greensboro, NC
Club Phoenix Club of Durham 1867 Durham NC Durham, NC
Ballgame Hornet's Nest Club of Charlotte v Fair Ground Club of Charlotte 1867 Charlotte NC Charlotte, NC
Club Cape Fear Club of Wilmington 1867 Wilmington NC Wilmington, NC
Club Vance Base Ball Club of Goldsboro 1867-04 Goldsboro NC Goldsboro, NC
Club LaFayette Club of Fayetteville 1867-05-16 Fayetteville NC Fayetteville, NC
Club Club of Halifax 1867-07-04 Halifax NC Halifax, NC
Club Club of Asheville 1867 Asheville NC Asheville, NC
Club Fisher Club of Company Shops 1867 Company Shops NC Company Shops, NC
Club Euphemian Club of Kinston 1867 Kinston NC Kinston, NC
Club Rip Van Winkle Club of Concord 1867 Concord NC Concord, NC
Club Scuppernong Club of Kenanville 1867 Kenanville NC Kenanville, NC
Club Rip Van Winkle Base Ball Club of Tarboro 1867 Tarboro NC Tarboro, NC
Club Chockayette Club of Weldon 1867 Weldon NC Weldon, NC
Ballgame Cape Fear Club of Wilmington v Cape Fear Club of Wilmington 33 - 13 1867-10-21 Wilmington NC Wilmington, NC
Club Club of Oak Ridge 1868 Oak Ridge NC Oak Ridge, NC
Ballgame 1868 Sand Hill NC Sand Hill, NC
Club Golden Circle Club of Louisburg 1868 Louisburg NC Louisburg, NC
Club Stella Club of Franklinton 1868 Franklinton NC Franklinton, NC
Club Club of Salem, NC 1869 Salem NC Salem, NC
Club Club of Wilson 1870 Wilson NC Wilson, NC
Club Club of Statesville 1871 Statesville NC Statesville, NC
Club Club of Leaksville 1871 Leaksville NC Leaksville, NC
Club Club of Warrenton, NC 1873 Warrenton NC Warrenton, NC
Club Enfield BBC 1873-08-23 Enfield NC Enfield, NC
Club Farmer's Club of Wake Forest 1874 Wake Forest NC Wake Forest, NC
Ballgame 1874 Oxford NC Oxford, NC
Club Independent Nine of Hillsborough 1874 Hillsborough NC Hillsborough, NC
Club Boys in Grey Club of Bingham School, Mebane 1874 Mebane NC Mebane, NC
Club Tar Heels Club of Henderson 1874 Henderson NC Henderson, NC
Ballgame Townsmen v Horner's School pupils 1874 Henderson NC Henderson, NC
Club Fearless Club of Morehead City 1874 Morehead City NC Morehead City, NC
Club Munroe's Academy Club of Winston 1876-02 Winston-Salem NC Winston-Salem, NC
Club Zeb Vance Club of Albemarle 1876-04-29 Albemarle NC Albemarle, NC
Club Club of Gold Hill 1876-04-29 Gold Hill NC Gold Hill, NC
Club Surprise Club of Salisbury 1876-05-13 Salisbury NC Salisbury, NC
Club Club of Yadkinville 1877 Yadkinville NC Yadkinville, NC
Club Mutual Club of Alamance 1878 Alamance NC Alamance, NC
Club Club of Jackson 1878-07-10 Jackson NC Jackson, NC
Ballgame 1879-07-04 Louisburg NC Louisburg, NC
Club Granville Club of Oxford 1884 Oxford NC Oxford, NC

Related Bibliography

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