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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Florida 12 Games and 94 Clubs

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12 Games and 94 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame 1865-12 Lake City FL FL
Club Leon Club of Tallahassee 1867-02 Tallahassee FL Tallahassee, FL
Club Club of Jacksonville 1867-02 Jacksonville FL FL
Club Club of Monticello 1867-06 Monticello FL Monticello, FL
Club Club of St. Augustine 1867-09 St. Augustine FL St. Augustine, FL
Club 'Ladies' Club of Pensacola 1867 Pensacola FL Pensacola, FL
Ballgame Occidental Club, 7th Infantry v Oriental Club, 7th Infantry 25 - 20 1867-09-13 St. Augustine FL St. Augustine, FL
Club Westcott Club of Warrington 1868 Warrington FL Warrington, FL
Ballgame Seminole Club of Pensacola v Bay City Club of Pensacola 1868-07-04 Pensacola FL Pensacola, FL
Club Seminole Nine of Key West 1870 Key West FL Key West, FL
Club Club of Fernandina 1870 Fernandina FL Fernandina, FL
Club De Soto Base Ball Club of Lake City 1870 Lake City FL Lake City, FL
Club Club of Live Oak 1871 Live Oak FL Live Oak, FL
Ballgame Seminole Nine of Key West v Picked Nine from USS Severn 26 - 80 1871-02-17 Key West FL Key West, FL
Club Club of Quincy, FL 1872 Quincy FL Quincy, FL
Club Club of Gainesville 1874 Gainesville FL Gainesville, FL
Club Club of Newport 1875 Newport FL Newport, FL
Club Club of Cedar Key 1875 Cedar Key FL Cedar Key, FL
Ballgame Garden City Club of Tallahassee v Arlington Club of Live Oak 1875 Madison FL Madison, FL
Club Club of Tampa 1875 Tampa FL Tampa, FL
Club Club of Fort Meade 1876 Fort Meade FL Fort Meade, FL
Ballgame 1878 Orlando FL Orlando, FL
Club Club of Bronson 1878 Bronson FL Bronson, FL
Club Club of Madison 1879 Madison FL Madison, FL
Club Pioneer Club of New Britain, FL 1879 New Britain FL New Britain, FL
Club Club of DeLand 1880 DeLand FL DeLand, FL
Club Club of Ocala 1882 Ocala FL Ocala, FL
Club Mutual Club of Orange County 1882 Altamonte Springs FL Altamonte Springs, FL
Club Club of Longwood 1882 Longwood FL Longwood, FL
Club Athletics Club of Titusville 1883 Titusville FL Titusville, FL
Club Stars Club of Enterprise 1883 Enterprise FL Enterprise, FL
Club Club of La Grange 1883 La Grange FL La Grange, FL
Club Club of Brooksville 1883 Brooksville FL Brooksville, FL
Club Awkwards Club of City Point 1883 City Point FL City Point, FL
Club Club of Rockledge 1883-05 Rockledge FL Rockledge, FL
Club Cracker Boys Base Ball Club of New Smyrna 1883 New Smyrna FL New Smyrna, FL
Club Club of Bartow 1883 Bartow FL Bartow, FL
Club Mutual Base Ball Club of Palatka 1884 Palatka FL Palatka, FL
Club Club of Dade City 1884 Dade City FL Dade City, FL
Club Sanford Base Ball Club 1885 Sanford FL Sanford, FL
Ballgame 1885 Lakeland FL Lakeland, FL
Club Royal Nine Club of Darien 1886 Darien FL Darien, FL
Club Club of Eustis 1886 Eustis FL Eustis, FL
Club Club of Kissimmee 1886 Kissimmee FL Kissimmee, FL
Club Club of Orlando 1886 Orlando FL Orlando, FL
Club Welaka Base Ball Club 1887 Welaka FL Welaka, FL
Club Club of Oveido 1888 Oveido FL Oveido, FL
Club Club of Milton2 1888 Milton FL Milton, FL
Ballgame 1888 Palm Harbor FL Palm Harbor, FL
Ballgame Layton Club of Tampa v Porvenir Club of Ybor City 3 - 5 1888-10 Tampa FL Tampa, FL
Club Bradenton Base Ball Club 1890 Bradenton FL Bradenton, FL
Club Bay City Club of Apalachicola 1890 Apalachicola FL Apalachicola, FL
Club Rollins College Club of Winter Park 1890 Winter Park FL Winter Park, FL
Club Club of Leesburg 1891 Leesburg FL Leesburg, FL
Club Club of Cocoanut Grove 1892 Cocoanut Grove FL Cocoanut Grove, FL
Club Club of Lemon City 1892-07-04 Lemon City FL Lemon City, FL
Club Club of West Palm Beach 1895 West Palm Beach FL West Palm Beach, FL
Ballgame 1896 Fort Myers FL Fort Myers, FL
Club Club of St. Petersburg 1896 St. Petersburg FL St. Petersburg, FL
Ballgame Steamfitters v Plumbers 31 - 27 1896-09-06 Miami FL Miami, FL
Club Club of Miami 1897 Miami FL Miami, FL
Club Club of Clearwater 1897 Clearwater FL Clearwater, FL
Club Kids Club of Chipley 1897 Chipley FL Chipley, FL
Club Club of Graceville 1897 Graceville FL Graceville, FL
Club Club of Crawfordville 1897 Crawfordville FL Crawfordville, FL
Club Royal Poinciana Hotel Club of Palm Beach 1898 Palm Beach FL Palm Beach, FL
Club Daytona Base Ball Club 1901 Daytona FL Daytona, FL
Club Club of Fort Myers 1903 Fort Myers FL Fort Myers, FL
Club Club of Sarasota 1903 Sarasota FL Sarasota, FL
Club Club of Fort Pierce 1905 Fort Pierce FL Fort Pierce, FL
Club Club of Panama City 1909 Panama City FL Panama City, FL
Club Club of Fort Lauderdale 1909 Fort Lauderdale FL Fort Lauderdale, FL

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A Short History of Baseball in Miami and Miami Beach Unknown 1992 FL Miami
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