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Nick Name Knock down and Skin em
Earliest Known Date July 1868
Location St. Paul Island, AK, United States
Modern Address St..Paul Island AK

The Columbian Register Jan. 9, 1869, quotes the Norwich Advertiser as saying that missionaries had brought baseball to Alaska. They formed a team on St. Paul's Island in July 1868, called the "Knock down and Skin 'em". Team members were missionaries (some from Hawaii) and local Aleuts. The island is in the Bering Sea, and is used today as a stop for the fishing fleets (tv-ized in the show "Dangerous Catch").

St. Paul Island (current pop. about 550, 86% of them Alaska natives) is in the Bering Sea about 500 miles from the Alaskan coast.

The jpg of the article is attached. Among those listed on the team is Daniel Webster (bc 1836, alive in Oakland CA in 1896; died and buried St. George's Island) of New London, CT, longtime foreman of the seal fur factories on St. Paul's; Frank Morgan of Groton (Thomas Franklin Morgan (1848-97), son of Captain Ebenezer "Rattler" Morgan (1817-90) of the bark Peru), and Jeremiah Potts of New London (bc 1838, alive 1882), an ensign on the USS Suwanee, which was touring the area at the time.



The (New Haven) Columbian Register Jan. 9, 1869

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Found by Bruce Allardice
Entered by Bruce Allardice
First in Location AK
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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