Aurora Base Ball Club of Providence

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Nick Name Aurora Base Ball Club
Earliest Known Date March 1857
Location Providence, RI, United States

[column heading]: Providence Rhode Island Base Ball

"We have received notification of the formation of the Aurora Base Ball Club . . . and in accordance with their name, the members meet from 5 to 7 oclock in the morning. They have been out seven times since March, notwithstanding the pluvious state of the atmospheric phenomena this season. Their President is Levi Starback, and Jas. V. Taylor Secretary and Treasurer. We hope they will have finer prospects to greet the blue-eyed goddess of the morn for the future."

There is no visible hint as to whether the club plays by Massachusetts or New York rules.


The source for this is Porter's Spirit of the Times, May 9, 1857 issue.

This President of the Club, Levi Starbuck must be Levi Starbuck 1828-1905, a "merchant tailor" in Providence in 1858. He enlisted in the 1st Rhode Island Infantry in 1861. Md. Mary Merriam in 1862 when home on leave from the CW. He went to CA after the War, dying in Santa Cruz. He is the grandson of noted whaling captain Levi Starbuck, allegedly the model for Melville's character Starbuck in "Moby Dick."


Taylor is a harder person to track down. There was no James V. Taylor of suitable age in Providence in 1858 or 1860. The closest comp is a Joseph W. Taylor, chief engineer for the fire department in 1858 Providence, my assumption being that a handwritten "Jos. W." could be (mis)read as "Jas. V.". Another candidate is a James A. Taylor (1835-69), a bookkeeper.[ba]

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First in Location RI
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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