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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > New Mexico 10 Games and 28 Clubs

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10 Games and 28 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame Club of Santa Fe v Club of Santa Fe 24 - 16 1867 Santa Fe NM NM
Club Club of Santa Fe 1867-07 Santa Fe NM NM
Ballgame Bradley Base Ball Club of Fort Union v Club of Santa Fe 1868 Las Vegas NM Las Vegas, NM
Ballgame 1871-04 Ocate NM Ocate, NM
Ballgame 1873 Silver City NM Silver City, NM
Club Club of Las Vegas2 1877 Las Vegas NM Las Vegas, NM
Club Browns Club of Albuquerque 1880 Albuquerque NM Albuquerque, NM
Club San Miguel Nines 1881 San Miguel NM San Miguel, NM
Club Club of Fort Cummings 1882-12 Fort Cummings NM Fort Cummings, NM
Club Club of Fairview 1883 Fairview NM Fairview, NM
Club Club of Chloride 1883 Chloride NM Chloride, NM
Club Vinegarones Club of Grafton 1883 Grafton NM Grafton, NM
Club Club of Silver City 1883 Silver City NM Silver City, NM
Club Club of Las Cruces 1884 Las Cruces NM Las Cruces, NM
Club Red Stockings Club of Socorro 1884 Socorro NM Socorro, NM
Club Case Club of Fort Bayard 1884 Fort Bayard NM Fort Bayard, NM
Club Club of Lincoln 1887 Lincoln NM Lincoln, NM
Club Club of Gallup 1888 Gallup NM Gallup, NM
Ballgame 1889 Lordsburg NM Lordsburg, NM
Club Club of Roswell 1899 Roswell NM Roswell, NM

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