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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame Gothams Club of New York v Knickerbocker Base Ball Club of New York 23 - 1 1846-06-19 Hoboken Hudson County NJ NJ First Match Game Under NY Rules
Club Washington Club of Orange 1855-05-26 Orange Essex County NJ NJ
Club Club of Newark 1855-06-16 Newark Essex County NJ Newark, NJ
Ballgame Club of Newark v Oriental/Olympic Club of Newark 31 - 10 1855-07-13 East Newark Hudson County NJ East Newark, NJ
Ballgame Pioneer Club of Jersey City v Excelsior Club of Jersey City 19 - 46 1855-08-15 Jersey City NJ Jersey City, NJ
Club Fear Not Club of Hudson City 1855-08-29 Hudson City Hudson County NJ Hudson City, NJ
Ballgame Fear Not Club of Hudson City v Palisades Club of West Hoboken 23 - 4 1855-11-03 Hudson City NJ Hudson City, NJ
Club Club of Trenton 1856-05 Trenton NJ Trenton, NJ
Club Columbia Club of Hoboken 1856-11-08 Hoboken Hudson County NJ Hoboken, NJ
Club Camden Town Ball Club of Camden 1857 Camden NJ Camden, NJ
Club Watsessing Club of Bloomfield 1857-08-07 Bloomfield Essex County NJ Bloomfield, NJ
Club Nassau Club of Princeton 1857-09 Princeton NJ Princeton, NJ
Ballgame Watsessing Club of Bloomfield v Empire Club of Newark 24 - 23 1857-09-16 Bloomfield Essex County NJ Bloomfield, NJ
Club Olympic Club of Lawrenceville 1858-07-16 Lawrenceville NJ Lawrenceville, NJ
Club Union Club of Elizabeth 1858-09 Elizabeth Union County NJ Elizabeth, NJ
Club Clinton Club of Irvington 1858-09-27 Irvington Essex County NJ Irvington, NJ
Club Rahway City Club of Rahway 1858-11-09 Rahway Union County NJ Rahway, NJ
Ballgame Liberty Club of New Brunswick v Independent Club of Somerville 44 - 35 1859-08-01 Somerville NJ Somerville, NJ
Club Quickstep Club of Bergen 1859-08-11 Bergen Hudson County NJ Bergen, NJ
Ballgame Pennsylvania Base Ball Club v Pennsylvania Base Ball Club 1859-11 Camden NJ Camden, NJ
Club Lafayette Club of Raritan 1859-11-20 Raritan NJ Raritan, NJ
Club Unknown Club of Patterson 1860-05-06 Paterson Passaic County NJ Paterson, NJ
Club Club of Harrison 1860-05-16 Harrison Hudson County NJ Harrison, NJ
Club Passaic Club of Belleville 1860-07-07 Belleville Essex County NJ Belleville, NJ
Club Resolute (Jr.) Club of Greenville 1860-08-03 Greenville Hudson County NJ Greenville, NJ
Club Club of Long Branch 1860-08-26 Long Branch NJ Long Branch, NJ
Club Harrison Club of East Newark 1860-11-04 East Newark Hudson County NJ East Newark, NJ
Club Hopeful Club of New Brunswick 1860-11-27 Norwood NJ Norwood, NJ
Club Baltic Club of Belvidere 1861 Belvidere NJ Belvidere, NJ
Club Quickstep Club of Lafayette 1861-10-28 Lafayette Hudson County NJ Lafayette, NJ
Club Keystone Club of Boiling Springs 1864 Boiling Springs NJ Boiling Springs, NJ
Club Alert Club of Seton Hall of South Orange 1864-03-21 South Orange Essex County NJ South Orange, NJ
Club Rhakahova Club of Perth Amboy 1864-06-02 Perth Amboy Middlesex County NJ Perth Amboy, NJ
Club National Club of Morristown 1865 Morristown NJ Morristown, NJ
Club Columbia Club of Bordentown 1865 Bordentown NJ Bordentown, NJ
Club Mt. Holly Club of Mt. Holly 1865 Mt. Holly NJ Mt. Holly, NJ
Club Mosacsa Club of Salem 1865 Salem NJ Salem, NJ
Club Club of Bridgeton 1865 Bridgeton NJ Bridgeton, NJ
Club Logan Club of Lambertville 1865 Lambertville NJ Lambertville, NJ
Club Ocean Wave Club of Keyport 1865 Keyport NJ Keyport, NJ
Club Haddon Jr. Club of Haddonfield 1865 Haddonfield NJ Haddonfield, NJ
Ballgame Picked Nine v Gymnast Club of Philadelphia 1865-07 Atlantic City NJ Atlantic City, NJ
Ballgame Oneota Club of Bergen v Ironside Club of Brooklyn 31 - 17 1865-07-20 Bergen Hudson County NJ Bergen, NJ
Club Union Club of East Orange 1865-07-29 East Orange Essex County NJ East Orange, NJ
Club Star Club of Claremont 1865-08-31 Claremont NJ Claremont, NJ
Ballgame Adelphi Club of Philadelphia v Quickstep Club of Philadelphia 37 - 22 1865-10-05 Gloucester NJ Gloucester, NJ
Club Excelsior Club of Ridgewood 1865-10-30 Ridgewood NJ Ridgewood, NJ
Club Reckless Club of Atlantic City 1866 Atlantic City NJ Atlantic City, NJ
Club Chintewink Club of Phillipsburg 1866 Phillipsburg NJ Phillipsburg, NJ
Club Club of Millville, NJ 1866 Millville NJ Millville, NJ
Club Athletes Club of Glassboro 1866 Glassboro NJ Glassboro, NJ
Club Club of Riverton 1866 Riverton NJ Riverton, NJ
Club Deptford Club of Woodbury 1866 Woodbury NJ Woodbury, NJ
Club Tuckerton Club No. 1 of Tuckerton 1866 Tuckerton NJ Tuckerton, NJ
Club United Club of Gloucester 1866 Gloucester NJ Gloucester, NJ
Club American Club of Andover 1866 Andover NJ Andover, NJ
Club Friendship Club of Beverly 1866 Beverly NJ Beverly, NJ
Club Burlington Club of Burlington 1866 Burlington NJ Burlington, NJ
Club Springfield Junior Club of Springfield 1866-05-10 Springfield NJ Springfield, NJ
Club Sparkill Club of Piermont 1866-05-15 Sparkill NJ Sparkill, NJ
Club Orientals Club of Montclair 1866-06-11 Montclair Essex County NJ Montclair, NJ
Club Star Club of Newton 1866-07 Newton NJ Newton, NJ
Club Everett Club of Hackensack 1866-07-06 Hackensack Bergen County NJ Hackensack, NJ
Ballgame Fats v Thins 29 - 20 1866-07-13 Cape May NJ Cape May, NJ
Club Alpha Club of Coytesville 1866-07-20 Coytesville Bergen County NJ Coytesville, NJ
Club Jersey Boy Club of Deckertown 1866-08 Sussex NJ Sussex, NJ
Club Star Club of Creskill 1866-08-07 Creskill NJ Creskill, NJ
Club Essex Club of Millburn 1866-08-30 Millburn Essex County NJ Millburn, NJ
Club Randolph Club of Dover 1866 Dover NJ Dover, NJ
Club Atlantic Club of Franklin 1866-09-07 Franklin Essex County NJ Franklin, NJ
Club Passaic Club of Chatham 1866-09-10 Chatham NJ Chatham, NJ
Club Alert Club of English Neighborhood 1866-09-14 English Neighborhood NJ English Neighborhood, NJ
Club Energetic Club of Verona 1866-10-12 Verona NJ Verona, NJ
Ballgame Eagles Club of Paterson v Eutaw Club of Boiling Springs 40 - 15 1866-10-20 Boiling Springs NJ Boiling Springs, NJ
Club Neshanock Club of Flemington 1867 Flemington NJ Flemington, NJ
Club Hooshi Dori Club of Cape May 1867 Cape May NJ Cape May, NJ
Club Mutual Club of Cranbury 1867 Cranbury NJ Cranbury, NJ
Club Mohican Club of Hightstown 1867 Hightstown NJ Hightstown, NJ
Club Musconetcong Club of Hackettstown 1867 Hackettstown NJ Hackettstown, NJ
Club Monitor Club of Beemersville 1867 Beemersville NJ Beemersville, NJ
Club Blue Ridge Club of Colesville 1867 Colesville NJ Colesville, NJ
Ballgame Passaic Club of Passaic v Alert Club of Paterson 30 - 45 1867-06-10 Passaic Passaic County NJ Passaic, NJ
Club Raritan Club of South Amboy 1867-06-20 South Amboy Middlesex County NJ South Amboy, NJ
Ballgame Resolute Club of Little Falls v Monitor Club of Cedar Grove 21 - 41 1867-07-13 Cedar Grove NJ Cedar Grove, NJ
Club Resolute Club of Little Falls 1867-07-15 Little Falls NJ Little Falls, NJ
Club Active Club of Summit 1867-07-25 Summit Union County NJ Summit, NJ
Club Jackson Club of Ridgefield 1867-08-20 Ridgefield NJ Ridgefield, NJ
Club Sherwood Club of Sherwood 1867-08-27 Sherwood NJ Sherwood, NJ
Club Independent Club of Shadyside 1867-09-10 Shadyside NJ Shadyside, NJ
Club Monitor Club of Cedar Grove 1867-09-11 Cedar Grove Essex County NJ Cedar Grove, NJ
Club Reapers Club of Linden 1867-10-10 Linden NJ Linden, NJ
Club Athletic Club of Marion 1868-07-06 Marion NJ Marion, NJ
Club Young America Club of Browertown 1868-08-24 Browertown NJ Browertown, NJ
Club Aetna Club of Union Hill 1868-09-29 Union Hill NJ Union Hill, NJ
Club Sentinel Club of Newark 1869-05-25 Woodside NJ Woodside, NJ
Club Neptune Club of Cranford 1869-06-29 Cranford NJ Cranford, NJ
Club Union Club of Plainfield 1869-07-20 Plainfield NJ Plainfield, NJ
Club New Providence Club of Summit 1869-08-10 New Providence NJ New Providence, NJ
Club Randall Club of Bayonne 1869-08-19 Bayonne Hudson County NJ Bayonne, NJ
Club Clipper Club of Lodi 1869-09-10 Lodi NJ Lodi, NJ

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