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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Union Club of Chicago 1856-08-12 Chicago IL IL
Ballgame 1857-06-12 Bloomington IL IL
Club Club of Freeport 1858 Freeport IL Freeport, IL
Club Alton Baseball Club 1858-05-18 Alton IL Alton, IL
Club Plowboys Club of Downers Grove 1858-07 Downers Grove IL Downers Grove, IL
Ballgame Union Club of Chicago v Plowboys Club of Downers Grove 1858-07-07 Chicago IL Chicago, IL
Club Waukegan Base Ball Club 1859-04 Waukegan IL Waukegan, IL
Ballgame 1859 Crystal Lake IL Crystal Lake, IL
Club Club of Danby, IL 1859-06-15 Danby IL Danby, IL
Ballgame Club of Danby, IL v Plowboys Club of Downers Grove 1859-06-18 Danby IL Danby, IL
Ballgame 1859-07-04 Oak Forest IL Oak Forest, IL
Club Celestials Club of Pekin 1860-09 Pekin IL Pekin, IL
Club Club of Havana, IL 1861 Havana IL Havana, IL
Club Eagle Base Ball Club of Bloomington 1862 Bloomington IL Bloomington, IL
Club Olympic Club of Peoria 1862-04-25 Peoria IL Peoria, IL
Club Hardin Base Ball Club of Jacksonville 1863 Jacksonville IL Jacksonville, IL
Ballgame 1863-05-27 Springfield IL Springfield, IL
Ballgame 1863-06 Waukegan IL Waukegan, IL
Ballgame 1863-06-25 New Lenox IL New Lenox, IL
Club Union Base Ball and Wicket Club 1863-09-05 Ottawa IL Ottawa, IL
Club Club of Cairo 1864 Cairo IL Cairo, IL
Ballgame Hope Club of St. Louis 1864-08-04 Granite City IL Granite City, IL
Club Mystics Club of Belvidere 1865 Belvidere IL Belvidere, IL
Club Favorite Club of Evanston 1865 Evanston IL Evanston, IL
Club Forest City Club of Rockford 1865-06-07 Rockford IL Rockford, IL
Ballgame Forest City Club of Rockford v Empire Base Ball Club of Freeport 21 - 55 1865-07-31 Rockford IL Rockford, IL
Club Moline Base Ball Club 1866 Moline IL Moline, IL
Club Byron BBC 1866 Byron IL Byron, IL
Club Occidental Club of Quincy 1866 Quincy IL Quincy, IL
Club Egyptians Club of Centralia 1866 Centralia IL Centralia, IL
Club Prairie Club of Litchfield 1866 Litchfield IL Litchfield, IL
Club Clipper Club of Rochelle 1866 Rochelle IL Rochelle, IL
Club Farmer's Club of Winnebago 1866 Winnebago IL Winnebago, IL
Club Normal Club of Normal 1866 Normal IL Normal, IL
Club Star Club of Roscoe 1866 Roscoe IL Roscoe, IL
Club Monitor Club of Lincoln 1866 Lincoln IL Lincoln, IL
Club Capital BBC of Springfield IL 1866-05-15 Springfield IL Springfield, IL
Ballgame 1866-06-23 Quincy IL Quincy, IL
Club Olive Branch Club of East St. Louis 1866 East St. Louis IL East St. Louis, IL
Club Sucker Club of Nashville 1866 Nashville IL Nashville, IL
Club Wapello Club of Rock Island 1866-07 Rock Island IL Rock Island, IL
Club Pioneer Base Ball Club of Geneseo 1866 Geneseo IL Geneseo, IL
Club Plow Boys Club of Seward 1866 Seward IL Seward, IL
Club Galena Base Ball Club of Galena 1866-08 Galena IL Galena, IL
Club Club of Carbondale 1866 Carbondale IL Carbondale, IL
Club Auburn IL 1866-08-08 Auburn IL Auburn, IL
Ballgame Egyptian Club of Cairo v Independent Club of Cairo 1866-08-31 Cairo IL Cairo, IL
Club Monitor Club of Sterling 1866 Sterling IL Sterling, IL
Club Club of Odin 1866 Odin IL Odin, IL
Club Club of Dixon 1866 Dixon IL Dixon, IL
Club McPherson Club of Decatur 1866-12 Decatur IL Decatur, IL
Club Aurora Base Ball Club 1867 Aurora IL Aurora, IL
Club Mutuals Club of Warsaw 1867 Warsaw IL Warsaw, IL
Club Hickory Club of New Rutland 1867 New Rutland IL New Rutland, IL
Club Achilles Club of Morrison 1867 Morrison IL Morrison, IL
Club Crescent Club of Sycamore 1867 Sycamore IL Sycamore, IL
Club Athletic Club of Carlinville 1867 Carlinville IL Carlinville, IL
Club Kendall Club of Yorkville 1867 Yorkville IL Yorkville, IL
Club Amateur Club of Princeton 1867 Princeton IL Princeton, IL
Club Olympic Club of Sheffield 1867 Sheffield IL Sheffield, IL
Club Elgin Club of Elgin 1867 Elgin IL Elgin, IL
Club Empire Club of Champaign 1867 Champaign IL Champaign, IL
Club McKendree College Club of Lebanon 1867 Lebanon IL Lebanon, IL
Club Logan Club of Mount Morris 1867 Mount Morris IL Mount Morris, IL
Club Athletic Club of Wheaton 1867 Wheaton IL Wheaton, IL
Club Prairie Club of Shannon 1867 Shannon IL Shannon, IL
Club Eureka Club of Clinton 1867 Clinton IL Clinton, IL
Club Athletic Club of Monmouth 1867 Monmouth IL Monmouth, IL
Club Knox BBC Club of Galesburg 1867 Galesburg IL Galesburg, IL
Club Red Jacket Club of Paxton 1867 Paxton IL Paxton, IL
Club Fulton BBC 1867 Fulton IL Fulton, IL
Club Club of Hyde Park 1867 Hyde Park IL Hyde Park, IL
Club Kewanee Club of Kewanee 1867 Kewanee IL Kewanee, IL
Ballgame Club of Oquawka v Black Crooks Club of Young America 37 - 27 1867 Biggsville IL Biggsville, IL
Club Jerseyville Base Ball Club of Jerseyville 1867 Jerseyville IL Jerseyville, IL
Club Club of Robinson 1867 Robinson IL Robinson, IL
Club Olympics Club of Hampton 1867 Hampton IL Hampton, IL
Club Walnut Club of Altona 1867 Altona IL Altona, IL
Club Club of Rozetta 1867 Rozetta IL Rozetta, IL
Club Lucifer Club of Princeville 1867 Princeville IL Princeville, IL
Club Victor Base Ball Club of Du Quoin 1867 Du Quoin IL Du Quoin, IL
Club Athletics Club of Coal Valley 1867 Coal Valley IL Coal Valley, IL
Club Sherman Club of Pittsfield 1867 Pittsfield IL Pittsfield, IL
Club Amateur Club of Sandwich 1867 Sandwich IL Sandwich, IL
Club Pioneer Club of Perry 1867 Perry IL Perry, IL
Club Union Club of Plano 1867 Plano IL Plano, IL
Club Black Crooks Club of Young America 1867 Kirkwood IL Kirkwood, IL
Club Club of Urbana 1867 Urbana IL Urbana, IL
Club Club of Winchester, IL 1867 Winchester IL Winchester, IL
Club Club of Sparland 1867 Sparland IL Sparland, IL
Club Club of Oquawka 1867 Oquawka IL Oquawka, IL
Club Marengo Base Ball Club of Marengo 1867 Marengo IL Marengo, IL
Club Tiger Club of Woodstock 1867 Woodstock IL Woodstock, IL
Club Club of Richmond, IL 1867 Richmond IL Richmond, IL
Club Little Vermillion Club of LaSalle 1867-04-20 LaSalle IL LaSalle, IL
Club Eagle Base Ball Club of Dayton 1867 Dayton IL Dayton, IL
Club Shabona Club of Atkinson 1867 Atkinson IL Atkinson, IL
Club Juvenile Base Ball Club of Harvard 1867 Harvard IL Harvard, IL
Club Club of Pavilion 1867 Pavillion IL Pavillion, IL
Club Club of Chemung 1867 Chemung IL Chemung, IL

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