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Nick Name Waukegan
Earliest Known Date Friday, April 8, 1859
Location Waukegan, IL, United States
Nine Class Senior

Waukegan Weekly Gazette-April 12, 1859

Base Ball Club-Waukegan can boast of one of those new fashioned institutions.  Waukegan we would have you understand is never behind the times in the prevailing fashions of the day so has a Base Ball Club like other cities.  We met on Tuesday Evening last a number of our citizens assembled at the rooms over Peter Edward’s jewelry store [the club room] and organized a Base Ball Club.  William C. Tiffany was called to the chair, and Wm. H. Wright acted a secretary.  The object of the meeting being stated by “Tiff” the chairman, which was heartily seconded by those present, it was decided that an organization of the kind be gotten up and put into working order at once.  A Constitution and By-Laws were adopted, and the following persons paid their regular fee [50 cents] and enrolled themselves as members of the club:  William C. Tiffany, John A. Mills, Wm J. Lucas, H.C. Hutchinson, Danl. Brewater, DP Millen, O.G. Buell, H.A. Hinckley, P.W. Edwards, Wm H. Wright, G.H. Ford, J.P. Nichols, J.W. Taft, A. Greenleaf, Geo. Cleveland, L.C. Dorsett, J.Y. Cory, Wallis Mills, T.G. Dickinson, Fred Canvers, E. Robbits. 

Twenty other gentlemen were proposed for membership, who will as no doubt present themselves at the next meeting, prepared “to ride the goat.”

 The officers elected for the ensuing year are:

John A. Mills-President

S.S. Greenleaf-Vice-President

Jas Y Cory-Secretary and Treasurer [editor of the Waukegan Gazette]

Wm H. Wright-Director

E. P. Ferry-Director

P.W. Edwards-Director

 At an adjourned meeting held on Thursday evening it was decided to have a meeting on the play grounds below the bluff in front of Mr. Dickinson’s office, on Saturday [this] afternoon at three o’clock.  The President appointed as Captain of the game to be played today.  Messrs Wm. H. Wright and Peter W. Edwards, who are to make their selections of players from the members of the club.

 We expect to see a large gathering of our citizens to witness the game, and there will no doubt be a crowd should the weather be propitious.  We think the “Waukegan Baseball Club” has started off under the most favorable auspices, and with harmony and action, it will prove a source of much enjoyment to our citizens particularly to those who are members of the club.

Waukegan Weekly Gazette-April 23, 1859

Base Ball Club- This institution-as it may now be considered one of our institutions-opened with the first game of Ball, as per announcement, on Saturday afternoon last.  Those who participated in the game, appeared to enjoy themselves to the fullest extent, as did also the large crowd of our citizens, who assembled to look on and see the fun.


The members of the Club do not consider themselves very well posted as yet in the rules and minutia of the game, consequently must not be expected to show off to quite as good advantage now, as when they are better practiced.  The Club will meet again to-day if the weather proves fine.  They are fixing up play grounds on the lot occupied by the Horse Growers Association, just west of the residence of Jas. McKay, Esq.

A club of the same name played the Lake Shore BBC in May 1867. This club probably morphed into the Acme Club.


Waukegan Weekly Gazette, April 12, 1859; April 23, 1859

The Waukegan Weekly Gazette, June 8, 1867


Thanks to Josh Bill of the Waukegan Historical Society for furnishing this transcript

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Found by Bruce Allardice
Entered by Bruce Allardice
First in Location Waukegan, IL

Win/Loss Records As Far As We Now Know

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Year Games Wins Losses Ties
1867 1 Played 0 Won 0 Lost 0 Tied


Page Date City Borough State Team 1 Team 2 Score First in Contributor
Ballgame 1867-05 Waukegan IL Lake Shore Club of Waukegan Waukegan Base Ball Club Bruce Allardice

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Playing Fields

Field Years Edit Association with Club
Waukegan Grounds, 1859 1859-60

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