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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Gymnastics of Columbia College 1805 New York Manhattan NY United States
Ballgame First Ward Of New York v Ninth and Fifteenth Ward of New York 1832 New York Manhattan NY United States
Ballgame 1847-11 Mazatlan Mexico
Club Young Canadians Club of Hamilton 1854 Hamilton Ontario Canada
Ballgame Young Canadian Club of Toronto v Young American Club of Hamilton 1859-05-24 Hamilton Ontario Canada
Club Shangai Base Ball Club of Shanghai 1863 Shanghai China
Ballgame 1864 Havana Cuba
Ballgame 1867 Melbourne Victoria Australia
Club Club of Valparaiso 1867 Valparaiso Chile First Club Known in Chile
Ballgame Crew of USS Powhatan v Chalaca Base Ball Club 35 - 30 1867-02 Callao Peru First game in Peru
Club Club of Hamburg, Germany 1867 Hamburg Germany
Ballgame 1867-06-30 Brazil
Club Havana Base Ball Club 1868 Havana Cuba
Ballgame 1868 Singapore Singapore
Club Union Club of Matamoros 1868 Matamoros Mexico
Club American Club of Rome 1869 Rome Italy
Ballgame Union v American 28 - 16 1869-07-14 Dresden Saxony Germany
Club Club of Melbourne 1869 Melbourne Victoria Australia
Ballgame 1870 Dingwall Scotland
Ballgame Brettauer v Decker 18 - 35 1870-06 Zurich Switzerland
Ballgame Officers of USS Plymouth v Officers of USS Juniata 26 - 12 1871-02-06 Nice France
Ballgame 1871-04 Abaiang Gilbert Islands
Ballgame 1871-06-15 Gravesend England
Ballgame American residents v Nine from the USS Colorado 11 - 14 1871-10-26 Yokohama Japan
Ballgame USS Hartford v Pacific Fleet 23 - 24 1873-06-27 Shanghai China
Ballgame US Navy Team v HMS Scout 37 - 12 1873-08-27 Coquimbo Chile
Ballgame Philadelphia Athletics v Boston Red Stockings 1874-08-24 Dublin Ireland
Club Yokohama Base Ball Club 1876 Yokohama Japan
Ballgame Hong Kong Cricket Club v USS Richmond 14 - 29 1880-03-11 Hong Kong Hong Kong
Ballgame 1881-09 Christchurch New Zealand
Club Leinster Hurley and Base Ball Club 1881-12-03 Dublin Ireland
Ballgame USS Portsmouth v USS Jamestown 6 - 5 1883 Bridgetown Barbados
Ballgame 1883 Mindelo Sao Vicente Cape Verde
Ballgame Chiriqui Province team v Panama Cricket and Baseball Club 1883-01-07 Chiriqui Panama
Ballgame Cape Town club v USS Enterprise club 1883-04-14 Cape Town South Africa
Ballgame 1883-06-19 Kronstadt Russia
Ballgame 1883-07-04 Copenhagen Denmark
Ballgame 1883-10-30 Algiers Algeria
Ballgame 1884 Livorno Italy
Ballgame 1884-03 Izmir Turkey
Ballgame 1886 Buenos Aires Argentina
Club Marton Base Ball Club 1887 Marton New Zealand
Club Buenos Aires Base Ball Club 1888 Buenos Aires Argentina
Ballgame US sailors from the USS Tallapoosa v US sailors from the USS Richmond 1889 Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay
Ballgame 1889 Spain
Club None (Derby Baseball Club) 1889 Derby England
Ballgame 1889 Kathmandu Nepal
Ballgame 1889-01-26 Colombo Sri Lanka
Ballgame 1889-02-09 Cairo Egypt
Club Southern Club of Bluefields 1889-05-09 Bluefields Nicaragua
Ballgame 1890 Dominican Republic
Ballgame 1890 Corfu Greece
Ballgame 1890 Virgin Islands
Club Club of Edinburgh University 1890 Edinburgh Scotland
Ballgame Atlanta team v Boston team 1890-04-29 Malta
Club El Cauto Club 1891-06 Dominican Republic
Club Club of Cardiff 1892 Cardiff Wales
Ballgame 1894-10-23 Seoul Korea
Ballgame El Caracas Base Ball Club 1895-05-23 Caracas Venezuela
Ballgame 1897 Belgium
Ballgame 1897 Taipei Taiwan
Ballgame Borinquen Baseball Club v Almendares Baseball Club 3 - 0 1898-01 Santurce Puerto Rico
Ballgame Club of USS Olympia v Army and Navy teams 1898-05 Manila Philippines
Club 25th Infantry Club 1899 Manila Philippines
Ballgame 1899-04-11 Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago
Ballgame Captain Burke's team of med students v Med students 13 - 8 1900-07-04 Vienna Austria
Ballgame 1903 Beirut Lebanon
Ballgame 1904 Goteborg Sweden
Club Wanderers Club of Johannesburg 1904 Johannesburg South Africa
Club Hansong YMCA Team Club of Seoul 1905 Seoul Korea
Ballgame 1905-11-02 Kingston Jamaica
Ballgame 1906 Urmia Iran
Club Club of Sao Paolo 1907 Sao Paolo Brazil
Ballgame 1908 Guam
Ballgame Princess Hotel nine v Hamilton Hotel nine 1908 Hamilton Bermuda
Ballgame 1909 Burma
Club Club of Hong Kong 1909 Hong Kong Hong Kong
Ballgame 1910-06-24 Tegueigalpa Honduras
Club Hercules Club of Guatemala 1910 Guatemala City Guatemala
Ballgame Sweden v US Olympic Club 1912 Sweden First International Game in Sweden.
Club A. H. C. Quick Club of Amsterdam 1912 Amsterdam and elsewhere The Netherlands
Ballgame 1913 Bogota Colombia
Ballgame Americans living in Haiti v US Navy sailors 1913-01-12 Port au Prince Haiti
Club Club of Tremp 1913 Tremp Spain
Ballgame Nassau Giants cricket team v American tourists 13 - 11 1915-01 Nassau The Bahamas
Club Robert College Club of Istanbul 1915 Istanbul Turkey
Club Club of Frederiksted 1917 Frederiksted Virgin Islands
Ballgame 1917-10-16 Apia Samoa
Ballgame 1918 Azores
Ballgame 1918 Split Croatia
Ballgame 1919 Talinn Estonia
Ballgame 1919 Lisbon Portugal
Ballgame 1919-05-30 Modlin Poland
Club Club of Brussels 1919 Brussels Belgium
Ballgame Red Cross -- Western Russia v Red Cross -- Baltic States 1920 Riga Latvia
Ballgame YMCA Team from Prague v YMCA Team from Pilsen 1920 Pilsen Czech Republic
Ballgame American residents side 1 v American residents side 2 1920 La Paz Bolivia
Club Club of Alexandropol 1920 Alexandropol Armenia
Ballgame 1920-08 Guayaquil Ecuador
Ballgame 1921 Suriname

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