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Date of Game Circa 1890 "Well before the end of the nineteenth century."
Location Virgin Islands

"Exactly how the diamond sport was originally transported to the island paradise remains something of a mystery. As elsewhere, the Cubans certainly played a major role. Bat-and-ball games here actually began with the arrival of cricket, but as Virgin Islanders began seeking work as sugarcane cutters in both Cuba and the Dominican Republic, the baseball connections were also quickly established, and well before the end of the nineteenth century."

Peter C. Bjarkman, Diamonds Around the Globe (Greenwood Press, 2005), page 327.

It isn't clear from this whether the British or Danish (after 1917, U.S.) Virgin Islands, or both, are meant.

Lowry, "Baseballs Longest Games" records a game in 1900 in Charlotte Amalie, soon-to-be US Virgin Islands, between two clubs from the Auxiliary Cruiser USS Dixie. The St. Croix Avis, June 12, 1920, records a baseball game between a club from the USS Sacramento and a local nine.


Peter C. Bjarkman, Diamonds Around the Globe

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Found by Bruce Allardice
Entered by Bruce Allardice
First in Location Virgin Islands
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