In Havana in 1864

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Date of Game 1864
Location Havana, Cuba

"Baseball thus appeared in Cuba as early as the end of the U.S. Civil War and was thriving there only a few years later. Bats, balls, leather gloves, and rules for playing the new North American pastime were first carried to Havana by a pair of brothers, Nemesio and Ernesto Guillo . . . when the teenagers returned from a half-decade of high schooling at Alabama's Spring Hill College in 1864. Within mere days they were organizing rudimentary contests . . . in downtown Havana. Less than four years later, the Guillo brothers . . . had formed the Havana Base Ball Club."

Peter C. Bjarkman, Diamonds Around the Globe (Greenwood Press, 2005), page 2. A key source for this story is an interview with one of the brothers in Diaro de la Marina, January 6, 1924.


The Nashville Tennessean May 26, 1884, under the headline "Base Ball In Havana' seems to confirm this story, noting that base ball started in Havana about a quarter century ago. [ba]

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First in Location Cuba
Players Locality Local
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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