Shangai Base Ball Club of Shanghai

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Nick Name Shangai Base Ball Club
Earliest Known Date 1863 -- No Later than 1863
Location Shanghai, China

There is "proof baseball existed in China as early as the 1860s. . . . The [Shanghai] rowing club was founded on May 1, 1863 . . . . And details about a loan the club took out that year make it clear that the Shanghai Base Ball Club was in existence already – a full decade before the date generally accepted for the first baseball game in Japan."

The [Shanghai] North China Herald, Feb. 10, 1866, mentions that the Shanghai Volunteers (a military unit of volunteers, of Europeans and Americans resident in Shanghai) have a rowing club, a cricket club, and "base ball club."

Same, April 14, 1866, notes that the Shanghai Base Ball Club has been given 2,000 tis. from the recreation fund--and the cricket club, 6,657 tis. This club is also mentioned in the Aug. 4, 1866 and Nov. 15, 1870 issues. The first notice of a specific game mentioned in that newspaper is in 1873.

"A Record of the Principal Sports at Hongkong and the Open Ports..." (1877) p. 228 gives the roster of the Shanghai BBC, F. Reid, President, L. F. Fisler, Sec/Treas. Gives the box scores of games May 7, 1876; Oct. 9, 1876 vs. Shanghai Cricket Club; and Nov. 25, 1876 vs. the US Navy.



The [Shanghai] North China Herald, Feb. 10, 1866

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Found by Bruce Allardice
First in Location China
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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