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Nick Name El Cauto
Earliest Known Date June 1891
Location Dominican Republic
Nine Class Senior

Rob Ruck, The Tropic of Baseball, pp. 4-5, says that some Cuban exiles, the Aloma brothers, founded two baseball clubs in 1891 which played the first recorded game that June. The Club names were named El Cauto and  Cerveceria. The games were played at the Aloma Brothers ironworks; the players, mostly Cubans but with a few locals. The baseball was obtained from a passing American ship. See also Carter, The Quality of Home Runs, p. 50.

Cauto is a river in Cuba, further reflecting the Cuban origins of these teams.

This appears to be the "around 1890" game mentioned elsewhere.


Rob Ruck, The Tropic of Baseball, pp. 4-5

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Found by Bruce Allardice
First in Location Dominican Republic


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