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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Olympic Club of Boston 1853-07 Boston MA MA
Club Union Club of Medway 1857 Medway MA Medway, MA
Club Worcester Ball Club 1857-02 Worcester MA Worcester, MA
Club Bunker Hill Club of Charlestown 1857-05-14 Charlestown MA Charlestown, MA
Club F.A.J. Ball Club 1857-05-26 Cambridge MA Cambridge, MA
Ballgame 1857-07-04 Falmouth MA MA
Club Massapoag Club of Sharon 1857-07-04 Sharon MA Sharon, MA
Club Pioneer Club of Springfield 1858 Springfield MA Springfield, MA
Club Sons of Ocean Club of New Bedford 1858 New Bedford MA New Bedford, MA
Club Club of Pittsfield 1858 Pittsfield MA Pittsfield, MA
Club Mechanics Ball Club of Waltham 1858 Waltham MA Waltham, MA
Club Young America Club of Grafton 1858 Grafton MA Grafton, MA
Club Sumner Club of Westboro 1858 Westboro MA Westboro, MA
Club Club of North Brookfield 1858 North Brookfield MA North Brookfield, MA
Club Club of Hardwick 1858 Hardwick MA Hardwick, MA
Club Hickory Club of Spencer 1858 Spencer MA Spencer, MA
Club Rough and Ready Club of South Walpole 1858-04-30 Walpole MA Walpole, MA
Ballgame Atwater Club of Westfield, MA v Atwater Club of Westfield, MA 1858-05-29 Westfield MA Westfield, MA
Club Winthrop Club of Holliston 1858-06 Holliston MA Holliston, MA
Club Winnisimmet Club of Chelsea 1858-06 Chelsea MA Chelsea, MA
Club Atwater Club of Westfield, MA 1858-06-01 Westfield MA Westfield, MA
Club Club of Brookfield 1858-06-24 Brookfield MA Brookfield, MA
Club Warren Club of Roxbury 1858-06-28 Roxbury MA Roxbury, MA
Club Excelsior Club of Upton 1858-06-30 Upton MA Upton, MA
Club Anawan Club of Mansfield 1858-07-07 Mansfield MA Mansfield, MA
Club Fiskdale Club of Sturbridge 1858-07-24 Sturbridge MA Sturbridge, MA
Club Wopowage Club of Milford 1858-07-24 Milford MA Milford, MA
Club Old Colony Club of North Bridgewater 1858 North Bridgewater MA North Bridgewater, MA
Club Eagle Club of Westbrook 1858-08-21 Westbrook MA Westbrook, MA
Club Nonotuck Club of Northampton 1858 Northampton MA Northampton, MA
Club Uncas Club of Franklin 1858-10-02 Franklin MA Franklin, MA
Club American Club of South Dedham 1858 Dedham MA Dedham, MA
Club Takewambait Club of Natick 1858 Natick MA Natick, MA
Club Williams College Club of Williamstown 1859 Williamstown MA Williamstown, MA
Club Alpha Club of Ashland 1859 Ashland MA Ashland, MA
Club Amherst College Club of Amherst 1859 Amherst MA Amherst, MA
Club Waverly Club of Framingham 1859 Framingham MA Framingham, MA
Club Washington Club of Shrewsbury 1859 Shrewsbury MA Shrewsbury, MA
Club Nashawanack Club of East Hampton 1859 East Hampton MA East Hampton, MA
Club Naquag Club of Barre 1859 Barre MA Barre, MA
Ballgame Union Club of Medway v Excelsior Club of Upton 1859-07 Ashland MA Ashland, MA
Ballgame Single Men v Married Men 27 - 25 1859-08-04 North Adams MA North Adams, MA
Club South Shore Club of North Weymouth 1859-10-13 Weymouth MA Weymouth, MA
Club Club of Rockville, MA 1859 Rockville MA Rockville, MA
Club Peabody Club of Danvers 1859 Danvers MA Danvers, MA
Club Club of Medford 1860 Medford MA Medford, MA
Club Lightfoot Club of Neponset 1860 Neponset MA Neponset, MA
Club Benicia Club of South Danvers 1860 South Danvers MA South Danvers, MA
Club Olympic Club of Clinton 1860 Clinton MA Clinton, MA
Club Leominster Club 1860 Leominster MA Leominster, MA
Club Benicia Club of Hopkinton 1860 Hopkinton MA Hopkinton, MA
Club Johnson Club of Chicopee 1860 Chicopee MA Chicopee, MA
Club Phoenix Club of Holyoke 1860 Holyoke MA Holyoke, MA
Club Valley Base Ball Club of Adams 1860 Adams MA Adams, MA
Club Club of New Braintree 1860 New Braintree MA New Braintree, MA
Club Nantasket Club of South Hingham 1860 Hingham MA Hingham, MA
Club Glasgow Club of South Hadley 1860 South Hadley MA South Hadley, MA
Club Lone Star Club of West Springfield 1860 West Springfield MA West Springfield, MA
Club Lone Star Club of Mitteneaque 1860 Mitteneaque MA Mitteneaque, MA
Club Club of Hinsdale 1860 Hinsdale MA Hinsdale, MA
Club Club of Worthington 1860 Worthington MA Worthington, MA
Club Club of Smithville2 1860 Smithville MA Smithville, MA
Club Club of Coldbrook 1860 Coldbrook MA Coldbrook, MA
Club Ottawa Club of Haverhill 1860-04 Haverhill MA Haverhill, MA
Club Omega Club of Andover 1860-04-23 Andover MA Andover, MA
Club Zephyrs of East Lexington 1860-04-24 Lexington MA Lexington, MA
Club Bowdoin Club of Dorchester 1860-05 Dorchester MA Dorchester, MA
Club Eureka Club of Abington 1860-05-13 Abington MA Abington, MA
Club Webster Club of Salem 1860-05-22 Salem MA Salem, MA
Club Independent Club of Lowell 1860-05-24 Lowell MA Lowell, MA
Ballgame Outalauchet Base Ball Club of Lynn v Granite Club of Lynn 75 - 53 1860-06-17 Lynn MA Lynn, MA
Club Granite Club of Lynn 1860-07-17 Lynn MA Lynn, MA
Club Webster Club of Randolph 1860-08-23 Randolph MA Randolph, MA
Club Valley Club of South Adams 1860-08-29 South Adams MA South Adams, MA
Ballgame Mechanics Club of Worcester v Hickory Club of Spencer 54 - 33 1860-09-01 Leicester MA Leicester, MA
Club Union Club of Easton 1860-09-11 Easton MA Easton, MA
Club Club of North Adams 1860-09-23 North Adams MA North Adams, MA
Club Excelsior Club of Acton 1860 Acton MA Acton, MA
Club Club of Greenfield, MA 1861-04 Greenfield MA Greenfield, MA
Club Plymouth Rock Base Ball Club of Plymouth 1863 Plymouth MA Plymouth, MA
Club Active Club of Florence 1864 Florence MA Florence, MA
Club Dictator Club of Newton 1865 Newton MA Newton, MA
Club Electric Club of Brighton 1865 Brighton MA Brighton, MA
Club King Phillip Club of East Abington 1865 East Abington MA East Abington, MA
Club Continental Club of Newtonville2 1865 Newtonville MA Newtonville, MA
Club Mountain Club of Conway 1865 Conway MA Conway, MA
Club Edward's Place Club of Stockbridge 1865 Stockbridge MA Stockbridge, MA
Ballgame Freshmen of Tufts College v Sophomores of Tufts College 1865-10 Medford MA Medford, MA
Club Fairmount BBC Club of Marlborough 1866 Marlborough MA Marlborough, MA
Club Wachusett Club of Lancaster 1866 Lancaster MA Lancaster, MA
Club Jamaica Club of Jamaica Plains 1866 Jamaica Plain MA Jamaica Plain, MA
Club Winnehassett Club of Woburn 1866 Woburn MA Woburn, MA
Club Zouave Club of Stoneham 1866 Stoneham MA Stoneham, MA
Club Everett Club of Winchester 1866 Winchester MA Winchester, MA
Club Rough and Ready Club of Southwick 1866 Southwick MA Southwick, MA
Club Pioneer Club of Dalton 1866 Dalton MA Dalton, MA
Club Atlanta Club of Watertown 1866 Watertown MA Watertown, MA
Club Washington Club of Haydenville 1866 Haydenville MA Haydenville, MA
Club Club of Griswoldville 1866 Griswoldville MA Griswoldville, MA
Club Club of Becket 1866 Becket MA Becket, MA

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