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Nick Name Winthrop
Earliest Known Date June 1858
Last Known Game Monday, September 26, 1859
Location Holliston, MA, United States

The Boston Herald, June 25, 1858, mentions the Eagle BBC of Westboro and the Winthrop BBC of Holliston.

Holliston MA (1860 pop. about 3300) is about 25 miles W of Boston.

Westboro MA (1860 pop. about 2,900) is about 30 miles W of Boston and 12 miles NW of Holliston.

Query: Is there evidence that this club used anything but Massachusetts rules?


Included in the following section.



Some Club Highlights 


June 1858 -- Scheduling Hurdles Thwart "Friendly Game" with Westboro Club

Clip 1:  "We have received several communications respecting base ball playing, from which it appears that the Eagle club of Westboro, voted June 18th to invite the Winthrop Club of Holliston, to go to Westboro and play a friendly game of Base Ball on the 26th of June."

"In reply the Winthrops, June 21st, stated that it would not be convenient for them to go to Westboro, but invited the Eagles to Holliston to play a game on the same day. This is considered by the Eagles a declinaton of their challenge."  Boston Herald, pg. 4,  June 23, 1858.  Provided by Joanne Hulbert 7/28/2015.

Clip 2: "The President of the Eagle Base Ball Club of Westboro, says in reference to a former statement, that the Eagles did not challenge  the Winthrop Club of Holliston, but extended to them an invitation to meet them at Westboro as the guests of the Eagle’s and pass a few hours in the pleasant recreation of a game of base ball on Saturday the 26th. If the Winthrops had been challenged,  they would have had the choice of their ground."   Boston Herald, pg. 4, June 25, 1858.  Provided by Joanne Hulbert 7/28/2015.


June 1858 -- "The Cause Was Rum"

"The game of ball played at Braggville (a former postal village about 4 miles SW of Holliston) last Saturday afternoon, between the Holliston and Medway boys, was the occasion for a great gathering of all the loafers from the neighboring towns, with a fair sprinkling of very respectable looking men. The fact of the matter was, as we understand, a row and fight. The cause was rum. A large quantity, it is said, was brought on to the ground and disposed of, and even sold at the hotel. We commend that establishment to the attention of the authorities in Holliston."  Boston Herald, June 26, 1858,.  Provided by Joanne Hulbert, 7/28/2015.


July 1858 -- Winthrop Club Hosts Players On Local Clubs, Including the Olympic Club of Boston

Clip 1: "The Winthrop Ball Club of Holliston, it is rumored, will have a visit on Monday the 5th from the Olympic Ball Club of Boston. There will be some playing, but no match game. The Olympians were the competitors of the Winthrops on the Boston Common some three weeks since, and how magnanimously the Olympians received their defeat, and how generously they treated the Winthrops as their guests; will not be forgotten by the members of the Holliston Club. We anticipate that both clubs will have a good time on Monday.

Clip 2: "Since the above was in type, we learn that the Olympic does not visit Holliston as a club, but that members come in their individual capacity, and will mingle with the members of the Winthrop as personal friends. There will, probably, be some playing however."  Boston Herald, July 3, 1858,. Provided by Joanne Hulbert, 7/28/2015.


 July 1858 -- Celebrated Game With the Massapoag Club of Sharon MA

Clip 1, Boston: "Base Ball.  A Match Game.  The Winthrop Ball Club of Holliston, have received and accepted a challenge from the Sharon Club to play a match game. It will come off this day commencing at 9 o’clock, A.M., at the ball ground of the Winthrop Club, and probably continue into the afternoon. “Mine Host” Francis of the Winthrop House will get up a good dinner for the occasion."  Boston Herald, July 24, 1858. Provided by Joanne Hulbert, 7/28/2015.

Clip 2, Lowell: "MIDDLESEX AHEAD OF NORFOLK. The Holliston and Sharon base ball clubs, both of which have beaten the Boston club, played a game on Saturday to test the question of superiority. Holliston beat, making 100 runs to 69."   Lowell Daily Citizen and News, page 2, Monday, July 26, 1858. Provided by Joanne Hulbert, 7/28/2015.

Clip 3, Dedham: "MATCH AT BASE BALL --  A great match of base ball was played on Saturday, at Holliston, in the presence of a large company of spectators between the Winthrop Club of Holliston, and the Massapoag Club of Sharon. The latter club won the first innings.  The Winthrop Club, however, came off victorious, having scored 101 tallies against 61 by the Massapoag boys.  The playing was very spirited, and the utmost good feeling prevailed throughout.  There were 14 men on a side, and nearly all played remarkably well.  J. W. Cutter, of the Winthrop Club, was hit in the eye, which delayed the playing somewhat.  The referees were Messrs. A. H. Johnson, A. C. Daniels, and B. H. Hoyt.  After the game, both Clubs had an excellent supper at the Winthrop House, Holliston, and lively speeches were made. " [[[section here won't load]]]  Dedham Gazette, July 31, 1858. Provided by Joanne Hulbert, 7/28/2015.

Clip 4, Milford: "BASE BALL. – A match game was played on last Saturday between the Winthrop club of Holliston and the Massapoag Club of Sharon. The challenge came from the Sharon Club, which the Holliston boys accepted, at the risk of losing some of their laurels won in former contests. The Sharon boys had a fine reputation, and that deservedly as their playing evinced. But the Winthrops carried the day handsomely. The game commenced about 10 o’clock, fourteen on a side. At the close of the first two hours, when the playing was suspended, both clubs partook of a fine lunch, and enjoyed an intermission of some twenty minutes. In resuming the game both clubs entered with the firmest determination to beat, and they had the highest incitement to it, for it was estimated that not less than fifteen hundred spectators were present, as deeply interested as themselves. The game close between 3 and 4 o’clock, P.M. In reckoning the tallies the Massapoag numbered 61 – the Winthrops 101. The playing was very spirited, and gave general satisfaction to all parties. It was particularly pleasant to see that no hard feeling was engendered by the spirit of rivalry. The Winthrop boys wore their honors with a quiet magnanimity, and the Massapoags bore their defeat with a dignified grace worthy of all praise.

In the following table the names of members from both clubs are given, and the result of the game exhibited in detail: – [[[box score goes here]]]

The referees were Messrs. A.H. Johnson of the Massapoag, A.C. Daniels of the Winthrop, B.H. Hoyt of the Olympic, Boston. The tallymen were Messrs. Johnson of the Massapoag, J.M. Hawks and William R. Thayer of the Winthrop.


At the close of the game, the members of both clubs, with invited guests, repaired to the Winthrop House, where they sat down to a bounteous repast prepared by Mr. Francis, its enterprising landlord. After supper, the President of the Winthrop club addressed the company in an elegant and appropriate speech, which he closed by introducing a fine sentiment, contributed by E.J. Cutler, A.M., as follows:

             The Massapoag Club of Sharon: –

               The rose of Sharon blooms today,

               No flower blossoms sweeter;

               But you will smell her sweetest scent,

               When you have gently beat her.

             The President of the Massapoag Club responded in a very pleasing and effective style. The remarks were greeted with much applause, and the utmost good feeling prevailed throughout.  Several other speeches and sentiments were introduced and responded to during the exercises, and the whole affair wound up in good shape. Both clubs afterwards repaired to the ball ground and participated in a friendly game.

            The constable of the town deserve much credit for their efficiency in preserving general good order during the day, and the promptness with which they arrested several “outsiders,” who were foolish enough to become intoxicated.    Milford Journal, July 31, 1858.  Provided by Joanne Hulbert, 7/28/2015.  

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Found by Joanne Hulbert, Bruce Allardice, Craig Waff
First in Location Holliston, MA
Entry Origin Sabrpedia

Win/Loss Records As Far As We Now Know

Warning: Users should not rely on a team's won-loss record as a reflection of its "standing" among all base ball clubs. Team schedules were not balanced, and a good record against mostly weak opponents does not signify a leading club.

Year Games Wins Losses Ties
1858 2 Played 2 Won 0 Lost 0 Tied
1859 1 Played 0 Won 1 Lost 0 Tied


Page Date City Borough State Team 1 Team 2 Score First in Contributor
Ballgame 1858-05-31 Boston MA Winthrop Club of Holliston Olympic Club of Boston 100 - 27 Craig Waff
Ballgame 1858-07-24 Holliston MA Winthrop Club of Holliston Massapoag Club of Sharon 101 - 61 Joanne Hulbert, Craig Waff, Paul Johnson
Ballgame 1859-09-26 Medway MA Union Club of Medway Winthrop Club of Holliston 100 - 71 Craig Waff

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Player Years Roles Edit Association with Club
E. C. Bigelow 1858
E. D. Coffee 1858
E. G. Whiting 1858
Edwin Rockwood 1858
Geo. Hoffman 1858
H. H. Safford 1858
J. W. Cutler 1858
Jonathan Puffer 1858
L. E. Rockwood 1858
Moses Allen 1858
P. R. Johnson 1858
Rufus Durfee 1858
T. M. Whiting 1858
W. H. Horton 1858

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