Zephyrs of East Lexington

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Nick Name Zephyrs
Earliest Known Date Tuesday, April 24, 1860 -- (reported formation date)
Last Known Game Thursday, October 25, 1860 (last minutes written)
Location Lexington, MA, United States
Nine Class Senior

"The Zephyrs voted to play the Massachusetts game, but later in the meeting they voted to reconsider."  . . . (There is no indication of which game they actually played). The club voted to play once a week on Saturdays at six o'clock.  Later in July the increased the frequency to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. . . .  The minutes never even hint at competition with another team."

Persons named as members include E. R. Bullard, M. B. Smith, G.H. Lawrence, Ralph Cole, and C.W. Sullivan.

On May 12th the club "voted to reconsider the vote whereby we voted to have a square bat."

"Tom Kelleher has calculated that fifty- nine New England teams were playing Massachusetts baseball by 1858, while eighteen Massachusetts teams had begun playing by New York rules." 

"Both the Massachusetts and New York rules required a round bat, although the former specified the bat be covered by leather."






Richard Kollen, "East Lexington Zephyrs Base Ball Club Minutes of Meeting, 1860," Lexington, Massachusetts: Treasures from Historic Archives  (History Press, 2006) pages 59-61. Search string, August 2015: <zephyrs voted to play>.


Does this imply that the Mass Game was sometimes played with a square bat?

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Do we know the Kelleher source?

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Found by Paul S. Johnson
Submission Note 8/1/2015
Entered by Larry McCray
First in Location Lexington, MA


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Player Years Roles Edit Association with Club
C. W. Sullivan Member
E. R. Bullard, President 1860 Initial Officer
G. H. Lawrence, Treasurer Initial Officer
M. B. Smith, Vice President Initial Officer
Ralph Cole Member

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