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Page Date City Borough State Team 1 Team 2 Score First in Contributor
Ballgame 1861-02 New Albany IN IN Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1862-05-05 Fort Wayne IN Summit City Base Ball Club of Fort Wayne Summit City Base Ball Club of Fort Wayne 57 - 37 James Meadows
Ballgame 1865-08-17 Elkhart IN Club of Laporte Star of the West Club of Elkhart 98 - 28 Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1865-10 Goshen IN Elkhart BBC first nine Elkhart BBC second nine 49 - 28 Goshen, IN Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1866 Indianapolis IN Western Club of Indianapolis Club of Laporte 21 - 49 Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1868-09-08 New Harmony IN New Harmony, IN Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1869-09-07 Valparaiso IN Valparaiso nine Crown Point nine 124 - 57 Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1875-09 Adamsville IN LA Tigers Mad Caps 4 - 70 Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1878-06 Merrillville IN Lone Star Club of Crown Point Clippers Club of Hobart 9 - 0 Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1884 Cedar Lake IN Cedar Lake, IN Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1907-05 Monon IN Club of Monon Club of Rensselaer 8 - 3 Monon, IN Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1907-10-06 Schererville IN Club of Schererville Club of Dyer 4 - 12 Schererville, IN Bruce Allardice