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Club Date City Borough State First in Contributor
Union Base Ball Club of Fisherville 1858-06-08 Fisherville NH NH Bruce Allardice
Mulberry Green Base Ball Club of Alton 1858-06-09 Alton NH Alton, NH Bruce Allardice
Granite Base Ball Club of Manchester 1860-05-04 Manchester NH Manchester, NH Bruce Allardice
Base Ball Association of Manchester 1860-05-05 Manchester NH Bruce Allardice
Club of Manchester, NH 1860-06-03 Manchester NH Richard Hershberger
Contoocook Club of Hopkinton 1860 Hopkinton NH Hopkinton, NH Bruce Allardice
Club of Rochester, NH 1860 Rochester NH Rochester, NH Bruce Allardice
Club of Somersworth 1860 Somersworth NH Somersworth, NH Bruce Allardice
Lightfoot Club of Northwood 1860 Northwood NH Northwood, NH Bruce Allardice
Club of Deerfield, NH 1860 Deerfield NH Deerfield, NH Bruce Allardice
Club of Bow Lake Village 1860 Bow Lake Village NH Bow Lake Village, NH Bruce Allardice
Club of Barrington, NH 1860 Barrington NH Barrington, NH Bruce Allardice
Club of Farmington, NH 1860 Farmington NH Farmington, NH Bruce Allardice
Granite Club of Swansey 1866 Swansey NH Swansey, NH Bruce Allardice
Granite State, Pemigewasset Club of New Hampton 1866 New Hampton NH New Hampton, NH Bruce Allardice
Rockinghams Club of Portsmouth 1866-07-23 Portsmouth NH Portsmouth, NH Brian Sheehy
Club of Dartmouth College 1866-09 Hanover NH Hanover, NH Bruce Allardice
Kearsarge Club of Concord 1866-09 Concord NH Concord, NH Bruce Allardice
Nationalist Club of Portsmouth 1866-10-13 Portsmouth NH Brian Sheehy
Granite State Club of Portsmouth 1866-10-22 Portsmouth NH Brian Sheehy
Parker Club of Brookline 1867 Brookline NH Brookline, NH Bruce Allardice
Union Club of Hinsdale 1867 Hinsdale NH Hinsdale, NH Bruce Allardice
Junior Club of Keene 1867 Keene NH Keene, NH Bruce Allardice
Pennichuck Club of Nashua 1867 Nashua NH Nashua, NH Bruce Allardice
Pioneer Club of Lancaster 1867 Lancaster NH Lancaster, NH Bruce Allardice
North Star Club of Milford 1867-09-12 Milford NH Milford, NH Brian Sheehy
Riverside Base Ball Club of Nashua 1867-10 Nashua NH Brian Sheehy
Una Club of Keene 1867-11-13 Keene NH Brian Sheehy
Pickwick Club of Manchester 1868 Manchester NH Bruce Allardice
Clipper Club of Manchester 1869-05-29 Manchester NH Brian Sheehy
Hunky Dory Club of Nashua 1869-05-29 Manchester NH Brian Sheehy
Women's Club of Pittsfield 1874 Pittsfield NH Pittsfield, NH Bruce Allardice
Resolute Club of Nashua 2015-09-16 Nashua NH Bruce Allardice
Gonics Club of Rochester 2019-07-28 Rochester NH Brian Sheehy
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