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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame Truxtons v Preble Young Americas 17 - 21 1860-08-18 Truxton NY Truxton, NY
Club Active Club of Barrytown 1860-08-22 Barrytown NY Barrytown, NY
Club Alert Club of Red Hook 1860-08-24 Red Hook NY Red Hook, NY
Club Eureka Club of Port Schuyler 1860-08-25 Port Schuyler NY Port Schuyler, NY
Club Club of Jefferson - 2 1860-08-26 Jefferson NY Jefferson, NY
Club Eclipse Club of Kingston 1860-09-02 Kingston NY Kingston, NY
Club Union Club of Danville 1860-09-02 Danville NY Danville, NY
Club Club of Cayuga County 1860-09-09 Cayuga County NY Cayuga County, NY
Club Club of Tarrytown 1860-09-09 Tarrytown Westchester County NY Tarrytown, NY
Club Windfall Club of Stockbridge 1860-09-09 Stockbridge NY Stockbridge, NY
Club Club of Maspeth 1860-09-16 Maspeth Queens NY Maspeth, NY
Club Club of Clockville 1860-09-20 Clockville NY Clockville, NY
Club Base Ball Club of Fairmont 1860-09-20 Fairmont The Bronx NY Fairmont, NY
Club Club of Rhinebeck 1860-09-21 Rhinebeck NY Rhinebeck, NY
Club Atlanta Club of Tremont 1860-10-07 Tremont The Bronx NY Tremont, NY
Club Club of Hudson 1860-10-07 Hudson NY Hudson, NY
Club Club of Clayville 1860-10-12 Clayville NY Clayville, NY
Club Club of Unadilla Forks 1860-10-12 Unadilla Forks NY Unadilla Forks, NY
Club Club of Union Springs 1860-10-13 Union Springs NY Union Springs, NY
Club Excelsior Club of Fort Hamilton 1860-10-14 Fort Hamilton Brooklyn NY Fort Hamilton, NY
Club Champion Club of New Rochelle 1860-10-21 New Rochelle Westchester County NY New Rochelle, NY
Ballgame Victory Club of Troy v Trojan Club of Port Schuyler 35 - 20 1860-10-22 Port Schuyler NY Port Schuyler, NY
Club Independent Club of Brushville 1860-11-11 Brushville Manhattan NY Brushville, NY
Club Union Club of Cypress Hills 1860-11-11 Cypress Hills Brooklyn NY Cypress Hills, NY
Club Club of Camillus 1860 Camillus NY Camillus, NY
Club Club of Whitestown 1861 Whitestown NY Whitestown, NY
Club Monitor Club of Corning 1861-06 Corning NY Corning, NY
Ballgame Enterprise Club of Brooklyn v Eckford Club of Brooklyn 19 - 52 1861-06-05 Bedford, Long Island Brooklyn NY Bedford, Long Island, NY
Club Adams BBC of Adams 1861-06-11 Adams NY Adams, NY
Club Club of Ithaca 1861-06-21 Ithaca NY Ithaca, NY
Club Hacket River Club of North Potsdam 1861-08-15 North Potsdam NY North Potsdam, NY
Club Club of Wolcott 1861 Wolcott NY Wolcott, NY
Club Club of Red Creek 1861 Red Creek NY Red Creek, NY
Club Club of Moravia 1861 Moravia NY Moravia, NY
Club Creighton Club of Bath 1862 Bath NY Bath, NY
Club Club of Hornellsville 1862 Hornell NY Hornell, NY
Ballgame Eckford Club of Brooklyn v Constellation Club of Brooklyn 8 - 7 1862-06-18 Williamsburg Brooklyn NY Williamsburg, NY
Club Hamilton College Club of Kirkland 1862-06-28 Kirkland NY Kirkland, NY
Club Olympic Club of Cooperstown 1862-07-04 Cooperstown NY Cooperstown, NY
Club Leather Stocking Club of Middlefield Centre 1862-07-04 Middlefield Centre NY Middlefield Centre, NY
Club Alert Club of Hunt's Point 1862-07-17 Hunt's Point The Bronx NY Hunt's Point, NY
Club Spuyten Duyvil Club of Spuyten Duyvil 1862-09-27 Spuyten Duyvil NY Spuyten Duyvil, NY
Club Monitor Club of Goshen 1864 Goshen NY Goshen, NY
Club Greenburgh Club of Dobbs Ferry 1864 Dobbs Ferry Westchester County NY Dobbs Ferry, NY
Club Petroleum Club of Fishkill 1865 Fishkill NY Fishkill, NY
Club Hamilton College Club of Clinton 1865-07-11 Clinton NY Clinton, NY
Club Monitor Base Ball Club of Homer 1865-07-21 Homer NY Homer, NY
Club Club of Marathon 1865-07-21 Marathon NY Marathon, NY
Ballgame Niagara Falls Club of Niagara Falls v Maple Leaf Club of Hamilton 17 - 30 1865-08-02 Niagara NY Niagara, NY
Ballgame Niagara City v Young Canadians Club of Woodstock 37 - 102 1865-08-03 Niagara Falls NY Niagara Falls, NY
Club Uncas Club of Kingsbridge 1865-08-05 Kingsbridge The Bronx NY Kingsbridge, NY
Club Undercliff Club of Cold Spring 1865-08-10 Cold Spring NY Cold Spring, NY
Club Heavy Hitters Club of Canajoharie 1865 Canajoharie NY Canajoharie, NY
Club Nonpareil Club of City Island 1865-09 City Island The Bronx NY City Island, NY
Club Club of Glens Falls 1865 Glens Falls NY Glens Falls, NY
Ballgame National Club of Oswego v Picked nine from Falley Seminary and Ontario BBC 23 - 27 1865-09-27 Fulton NY Fulton, NY
Club Club of Fulton 1866 Fulton NY Fulton, NY
Club Alert Club of Elmira 1866 Elmira NY Elmira, NY
Club X. L. Club of Sandy Creek 1866 Sandy Creek NY Sandy Creek, NY
Club Club of Randolph, NY 1866 Randolph NY Randolph, NY
Club Club of Binghamton 1866 Binghamton NY Binghamton, NY
Club West Point Club of Highland Falls 1866 Highland Falls NY Highland Falls, NY
Club Liberty Club of Nyack 1866 Nyack Rockland County NY Nyack, NY
Club Ocean Club of North Manlius 1866 Manlius NY Manlius, NY
Club Livingston Club of Geneseo 1866 Geneseo NY Geneseo, NY
Club Mechanic Club of Groton 1866 Groton NY Groton, NY
Club Silver Leaf Club of Wilson 1866 Wilson NY Wilson, NY
Club Forest Club of Speedsville 1866 Speedsville NY Speedsville, NY
Ballgame Alert Club of Elmira v Union Club of Elmira 1866-04-26 Elmira NY Elmira, NY
Club Wallkill Club of Middletown 1866-05 Middletown NY Middletown, NY
Club Frontenac Club of Springport 1866 Springport NY Springport, NY
Club Enterprise Club of Spencerport 1866 Spencerport NY Spencerport, NY
Club Macedon Club of Macedon 1866 Macedon NY Macedon, NY
Club Skaneateles Club 1866-08-20 Skaneateles NY Skaneateles, NY
Ballgame Forest City Club of Ithaca v Mechanic Club of Groton 23 - 20 1866-09-05 Ithaca NY Ithaca, NY
Club Farmers Club of Caton 1866 Caton NY Caton, NY
Club Eagle Club of Lindley 1866 Lindley NY Lindley, NY
Club Summit Club of Bouckville 1866 Bouckville NY Bouckville, NY
Club Club of Conesus 1867 Conesus NY Conesus, NY
Club Hudson Club of Hastings 1867 Hastings on the Hudson Westchester County NY Hastings on the Hudson, NY
Club Tessera Club of Fort Edward 1867 Fort Edward NY Fort Edward, NY
Club Independent Club of Plattsburgh 1867 Plattsburgh NY Plattsburgh, NY
Club Essex Club of Mamaroneck 1867 Mamaroneck Westchester County NY Mamaroneck, NY
Club Star Club of Riverdale 1867 Riverdale The Bronx NY Riverdale, NY
Club Washington Club of Port Chester 1867 Port Chester Westchester County NY Port Chester, NY
Club Delaware Club of Port Jervis 1867 Port Jervis NY Port Jervis, NY
Club Irving Club of Tuckahoe 1867 Tuckahoe Westchester County NY Tuckahoe, NY
Club Lintas Club of Tonawanda 1867 Tonawanda NY Tonawanda, NY
Club Actives Club of Ballston Spa 1867 Ballston Spa NY Ballston Spa, NY
Club Clipper Club of Westfield 1867 Westfield NY Westfield, NY
Club Ouleout Club of Franklin 1867 Franklin NY Franklin, NY
Club Niagara Falls Club of Niagara Falls 1867 Niagara Falls NY Niagara Falls, NY
Club Club of Churchville 1867 Churchville NY Churchville, NY
Club Active Club of Greenbush 1867 Rensselaer NY Rensselaer, NY
Club Resolute Club of Brockport 1867 Brockport NY Brockport, NY
Club Independent Club of Ballston Spa 1867 Ballston NY Ballston, NY
Club Club of Castile 1867 Castile NY Castile, NY
Club Sans Souci Club of Bloodville 1867 Bloodville NY Bloodville, NY
Club Wyoming Valley Club of Wyoming 1867 Wyoming NY Wyoming, NY
Club Independent Club of Attica 1867 Attica NY Attica, NY