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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > New York > The Bronx 25 Games and 87 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Union Club of Morrisania 1855-07-28 Morrisania The Bronx NY The Bronx
Club Metamora Club of Fordham 1859-05-29 Fordham The Bronx NY Fordham, NY
Club Enterprise Club of West Farms 1859-08-21 West Farms The Bronx NY West Farms, NY
Club Lone Star Club of Melrose 1860-06-03 Melrose The Bronx NY Melrose, NY
Club Buena Club of Mott Haven 1860-08-05 Mott Haven The Bronx NY Mott Haven, NY
Club Base Ball Club of Fairmont 1860-09-20 Fairmont The Bronx NY Fairmont, NY
Club Atlanta Club of Tremont 1860-10-07 Tremont The Bronx NY Tremont, NY
Club Alert Club of Hunt's Point 1862-07-17 Hunt's Point The Bronx NY Hunt's Point, NY
Ballgame Union Club of Morrisania v Eckford Club of Brooklyn 11 - 27 1862-08-29 Morrisania The Bronx NY The Bronx
Club Uncas Club of Kingsbridge 1865-08-05 Kingsbridge The Bronx NY Kingsbridge, NY
Club Nonpareil Club of City Island 1865-09 City Island The Bronx NY City Island, NY
Club Star Club of Riverdale 1867 Riverdale The Bronx NY Riverdale, NY
Club Pastimes Club of High Bridge 1870 High Bridge The Bronx NY High Bridge, NY

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