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Page Date Game City Borough State Team 1 Team 2 Score Contributor
Game 1831 Cricket Philadelphia PA Bruce Allardice
Game 1834 Wilkes-Barre PA Bruce Allardice
Game 1853 Cricket Pittsburgh PA Bruce Allardice
Game 1857-10-09 Pittsburgh PA Alleghany Club Pittsburg Club 98 - 77 Bob Tholkes, Craig Britcher
Game 1857-11-20 Town Ball Philadelphia PA United States Club, Mershin's side United States Club, Bears' side 117 - 82 Bruce Allardice
Game 1859-11 Town Ball Germantown PA Honey Run Town Ball Club Marion Town Ball Club Bruce Allardice
Game 1866-09-05 Cat-and-Dog Pittsburgh PA Athletics of South Pittburgh Enterprise of Mt. Washington 180 - 120 Bob Tholkes