Olympic Club of Macon v Olympic Club of Macon on 11 February 1860

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Date of Game Saturday, February 11, 1860
Location Macon, GA, United States
Field Fair Grounds, Macon
Home Team Olympic Club of Macon
Away Team Olympic Club of Macon
NY Rules Likely

From Protoball Entry #1860.58 – Many Tackle the New Game in Macon, But a Few Secede

In early 1860, the Olympic Club of Macon GA played a series of intramural games, most apparently while trying to follow Association rules. The Macon Weekly Telegraph recorded five [and another that may be misdated] games in February and March, each with a box score showing modern defensive positions.

However, defection was in the air:

"A number of gentlemen are about to form another base ball club, the game to be played after fashion in the South twenty years ago, when old field schools [school fields, maybe?] were the scenes of trial and activity and rosy cheeked girls were the umpires." Macon Telegraph, March 12, 1860. All seven articles were accessed via subscription search, May 20-21, 2009. Macon GA is in central Georgia, about 80 miles SE of Atlanta.

NOTE -- As of October 2012, we are designating this game as the first played in Georgia.

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Found by Bruce Allardice
First in Location Macon, GA
Players Locality Local
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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