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Regions and Themes of Research and the Diggers Who Research Them

by Region

Arkansas: Caleb Hardwick

At Large: Bill Wagner

Atlanta Area: Alan Morris

Base Ball in Monroe County and Western NYS: Joe Territo

Baseball on British Soil: Joe Gray

Boston, MA, Central MA:

Boston, MA, Syracuse, NY:

Canada: Bill Humber

Canada,: Martin Lacoste

Chicago and the old “NW Territory”: John Freyer

Chicago, Illinois, US South:

Cincinnati, OH: Greg Rhodes

Down East USA: ME, NH,and Northeast MA:

Eastern MA: Brian Turner, Joanne Hulbert

Eastern Shore, MD: Marty Payne

England: Anita Broad

Hudson Valley, NY, New York City:

Illinois: Bruce Allardice

Louisville, KY: Bob Bailey

Maryland (emphasis on the Eastern Shore):

Mexico,Cuba: César Gonzalez

Michigan: Peter Morris

Milwaukee: Dennis Pajot

Minnesota: Bob Tholkes, Rich Arpi

Minnesota and the Dakotas:

Minnesota, Northern Plain States:

Missouri: John Maurath

Missouri and the Trans-Appalachian West:

New Bedford, MA: Kyle DeCicco-Carey

New Jersey: John Zinn

New York City,: Ralph Carhart

New York City, particularly in the Bronx before the 1870s: Gregory Christiano

Ohio: John Husman

Pacific NW:

Philadelphia, PA: Jerry Casway, Richard Hershberger

Philadelphia, PA... further results: The query description has an empty condition.

Rochester, NY: Priscilla Astifan

Southeast Texas: Mike Vance

St. Louis: Jeffrey Kittel

Tennessee: Chris Ryland

The Bronx, New York:

The State of New Jersey:

Virginia: Bill Hicklin, Gene Draschner

Washington State: Mark Brunke

Washington, D.C.: Frank Ceresi

Western MA: John Bowman

Worcester, MA: Jeremy LeBlanc

by Special Interest

1830 - 1870, Black baseball before the Negro Leagues:

Alexander Cartwright: Monica Nucciarone

Antecedents to Base Ball in the US: Tom Altherr

Ballmaking: Rob Loeffler

Ballplaying Equipment: Bob Schaefer, Jerry Casway

Ballplaying Women: Debbie Shattuck

Baserunning, English Rounders 1820-1870, Massachusetts Game, Predecessor Games, Spread of New York Game, US Cricket, Wicket:

Bat-and-Ball: Brian Turner

Civil War Era: Bruce Allardice

Civil War, Media, Rules:

Early Newspaper Coverage: Bob Tholkes, Richard Hershberger

Early Newspaper Coverage, Spread of New York Game, Town Ball:

Gloves: David Arcidiacono

Henry Chadwick, Newspaper Coverage:

History of Stoolball: Anita Broad

Length of Games: Phil Lowry

MN Base Ball Through the 19th Century:

Massachusetts Game: Jeffrey Kittel, Joanne Hulbert, John Thorn, Larry McCray

Massachusetts Game, Predecessor Games, Town Ball:

Massachusetts Game, Wicket:

Some interest in other early British baserunning games: Joe Gray

Spread of New York Game: John Ruoff, John Zinn, Larry McCray, Richard Hershberger

Spread of New York Game, Town Ball:

Stickball: Mark Schoenberg

The Massachusetts Game, the conversion to the New York Game:

Town Ball: David Nevard, Jeffrey Kittel, John Zinn, Richard Hershberger

Transportation and the Spread of Base Ball; Very Early Photography and Ballplaying: Joe Territo