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First Name Larry
Last Name McCray
Location Lexington, MA
Regional Focus Boston, MA;Syracuse, NY
Special Interest Spread of New York Game, US Cricket, Wicket, Baserunning, English Rounders 1820-1870, Massachusetts Game, Predecessor Games
Tags Local-Origins Project Member
Active Yes

Essays and Articles

Ballplaying in Civil War Camps by Larry McCray
An Overview of an Enriched Data Base: NOTE -- This article was updated and re-cast by Bruce Allardice in 2018
What Was Town Ball, Anyway? by Larry McCray, Jeffrey Kittel
A Source-Based Description of Town Ball Play
Early Championships by Larry McCray
What Was Rounders, Anyway? by Larry McCray, Jeffrey Kittel
A Source-Based Description of Rounders Play
The Next Destin'd Post, January 2013 by Larry McCray
Next Destin'd Post, April 2013 by Larry McCray
The Next Destin'd Post, June 2013 by Larry McCray
Next Destin'd Post, August 2013 by Larry McCray
Protoball Search Aid by Larry McCray
Version 1.1
Accounts by Larry McCray
How did game accounts evolve locally? What were local box-score summaries like?? Was quantification and/or statistics important in the local popularity of the game?
Club Makeup by Larry McCray
Did club rosters reflect ethnic or social divisions, gradations in athletic talent, players’ ages, or what? Did minority groups form their own clubs?
Playing to Win by Larry McCray
Playing to win vs. playing just for fellowship or exercise
Competing Pastimes by Larry McCray
What other pastimes, if any, rivaled early base ball . . . and is it clear why base ball seemed to win out over them?
The Beneficiaries by Larry McCray
Is it clear who profited from the growth of the game in your area? Did that affect the game on the field? How?
The Big Tours by Larry McCray
Were the broad regional tours by famous clubs an important part of base ball’s local appeal?
Gambling's Role by Larry McCray
Was local gambling an essential factor in the diffusion of the game?
Media Effects by Larry McCray
The galvanizing role of local and of distant news coverage, if any
Predecessor Pastimes by Larry McCray
What prior ballgames, if any, were played in the area . . . by adults, youths, juveniles, females before the NY game reached the area? Were local on-field/off-field variations maintained in some areas?
Patterns of Spread by Larry McCray
How do we explain the observed patterns of local propagation of base ball . . . population shifts, transportation technologies, news media effects, etc.
Uniforms by Larry McCray
Early uniforms and their significance (1st round completed August 2014)
The Massachusetts Game by Larry McCray
Wicket Ball by Larry McCray
Emperics by Larry McCray
NER Project Overview by Larry McCray
Search Terms by Larry McCray
Old old games by Larry McCray
Interview With Author Tom Gilbert by Larry McCray

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When not wrestling with the new Protoball website, Larry McCray has been attending once again to cutting into the backlog of information sent to the site for uploading.  A member of the MLB Origins Committee, he coordinated an informal but spirited effort to gather and interpret new data on the spread of base ball across the United States. 

 Larry McCray participated in several short articles in the Special Protoball Issue of Base Ball this spring. He also served as Guest Editor of the issue:

Larry has put an initial Glossary of Games onto the Protoball website.  This primitive listing includes about 120 distinct games, and names of games, of potential interest to those contemplating the full range of baseball-like games.  Corrections and additions (Tom Altherr tipped us off on the game of Chermany, said to resemble baseball, found in Virginia and the south) are welcome. Most of the games entail safe-haven bases.

Larry is succeeding Mike Ross as chair of SABR’s Committee on the Origins of Baseball.  Mike has led the SABR-UK chapter for many years, including its creative early examination of the British roots of baseball in the 1990s.

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