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NOTE: Material in this section started as a series of short notes on Digger activities and plan as described in past issues of The Next Destin'd Post, a semi-regular newsletter associated with the Protoball Project. Issuance was suspended for some time while Larry McCray served as Chair of the SABR Committee on the Origins of Base Ball and guest editor of the "Special Issue on Origins" of Base Ball Journal (volume 5, number 1, Spring 2011). Updates are always welcome.

October 2014

Ralph has been working on unifying all of the data for the Greater New York City area in anticipation of the Interdisciplinary Symposium at John Jay College in November 2014.  He has also been looking into new information about the game on Staten Island as well as Manhattan, with a special focus on digitizing the game results from the entirety of the Knickerbocker Game Books in the Spalding Collection at the New York Public Library.

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