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First Name Bill
Last Name Hicklin
Location Richmond VA
Regional Focus Virginia
Active Yes

Essays and Articles

Englische Base-ball by Bill Hicklin
The 20 Rules of the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club by Bill Hicklin
Adopted September 23, 1845
1860 NABBP Rules by Bill Hicklin
Rules of the Massachusetts Association of Base Ball Players by Bill Hicklin
Adopted May 13, 1858 at Dedham, Massachusetts
La balle empoisonnée by Bill Hicklin
From Les Jeux des jeunes garcons, representes par un grand nornbre d'estampes, 4th ed. (Paris: Chez Nepveu, Libraire, ca. 1815)
Feeder and Rounders, 1841 by Bill Hicklin
from The Every Boy's Book by J. L. Williams. London: Henry Allman (1841).
1854 Unified Kinickerbocker-Eagle-Gotham Rules by Bill Hicklin
Adopted April 1, 1854

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