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First Name Jeffrey
Last Name Kittel
Location Missouri
Regional Focus St. Louis
Special Interest Massachusetts Game, Town Ball, Predecessor Games
Active Yes

Essays and Articles

What Was Town Ball, Anyway? by Larry McCray, Jeffrey Kittel
A Source-Based Description of Town Ball Play
What Was Rounders, Anyway? by Larry McCray, Jeffrey Kittel
A Source-Based Description of Rounders Play
What Was The Massachusetts Game, Anyway? by Jeffrey Kittel
A Sourced-Based Description of Massachusetts Game Play
1845 Knickerbocker Rules by Jeffrey Kittel
Evolution or Revolution? A Rule-By-Rule Analysis of the 1845 Knickerbocker Rules
1857 Rules by Jeffrey Kittel
A Rule-by-Rule History Analysis of the Rules Adopted by the 1857 Convention of Base Ball Clubs
Base Ball Fever by Jeffrey Kittel
What was the nation’s “Base Ball Fever” (1865-1870) experience like in your area?

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A new version of the “This Game of Games” website was
launched in June by Jeff Kittel.  The site, which traces early ballplaying in
Greater St. Louis and the Trans-Appalachian West, is at

Jeff Kittel has completely redesigned his “This Game of Games” website at    Its main focus is regional 19th Century ballplaying, but Jeff’s interests have expanded beyond St. Louis base ball  to varieties of ballplaying in America’s trans-Appalachian West. Jeff plans to post his new finds on the site as they turn up.

St. Louis Digger Jeffrey Kittel  is at work at, among other things, a history of ballplaying in the St. Louis area from the 18th century on.  He runs This Game of Games, a blogsite that you’ll really like, at, and in his spare time he co-curates the Protoball Glossary of Games at of Games.  

“This Game of Games”, a snazzy website dedicated to the history of 19th century St. Louis baseball, is the creation of Jeff Kittel.  See (   Jeff has agreed to help curate Protoball’s “Glossary of Games” feature, which is meant to serve as a registry for diverse baseball-like games, both those that precede our game and that appear to have later been derived from it (  In that role he has helped write short accounts of evidence about town ball, the Massachusetts game, and English Rounders (    He has contributed essays to SABR’s Pioneer Project reports and to The Rank and File of 19th Century Major League Baseball.  ( Jeff is currently working on an extensive monograph on baseball’s full history in St. Louis, in which he traces the roots of the game in the city back to the 18th century.

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