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Club Date City Borough State First in Contributor
Nininger Base Ball Club 1857-08-03 Nininger MN MN Rich Arpi
Olympics Base Ball Club of St. Paul 1858-12-01 St. Paul MN St. Paul, MN Rich Arpi
Lower Town Base Ball Club of St. Paul 1859-08-15 St. Paul MN Rich Arpi
Upper Town Base Ball Club of St. Paul 1859-08-15 St. Paul MN Rich Arpi
Central Base Ball Club of St. Paul 1859-09-07 St. Paul MN Rich Arpi
Club of Stillwater 1860-03 Stillwater MN Stillwater, MN Bruce Allardice
Olympic Club of St. Paul 1860-09-11 St. Paul MN Richard Hershberger
North Star Base Ball Club of St. Paul 1865-05-09 St. Paul MN Rich Arpi
Excelsior Club of Fort Snelling of St. Paul 1865-05-18 St. Paul MN Rich Arpi
Vermillion Base Ball Club of Hastings 1865-06-24 Hastings MN Hastings, MN Rich Arpi
Saxons Club of St. Paul 1866 St. Paul MN Bruce Allardice
Mantorville Base Ball Club 1866 Mantorville MN Mantorville, MN Bruce Allardice
Liberty Club of St. Paul 1866 St. Paul MN Bruce Allardice
Independent Club of St. Paul 1866 St. Paul MN Bruce Allardice
Winona Club of Winona 1866-04-04 Winona MN Winona, MN Bruce Allardice
Champion Base Ball Club of Winona 1866-05 Winona MN Rich Arpi
Red Wing Base Ball Club 1866-08-17 Red Wing MN Red Wing, MN Rich Arpi
Empire Club of Winona 1867 Winona MN Bruce Allardice
Club of Kasson 1867 Kasson MN Kasson, MN Bruce Allardice
Silver Grays Club of Plainview 1867 Plainview MN Plainview, MN Bruce Allardice
Tiger Club of Elgin 1867 Elgin MN Elgin, MN Bruce Allardice
Club of Cannon Falls 1867 Cannon Falls MN Cannon Falls, MN Bruce Allardice
Excelsior Club of Wabasha 1867 Wabasha MN Wabasha, MN Bruce Allardice
North Star BBC of Rochester 1867-03-23 Rochester MN Rochester, MN
Base Ball Club of Shakopee 1867-04-18 Shakopee MN Shakopee, MN Bob Tholkes
Rochester BBC of Rochester 1867-04-23 Rochester MN Robert Tholkes
Seabury Base Ball Club of Faribault 1867-05-01 Faribault MN Faribault, MN Rich Arpi
Minneapolis Base Ball Club 1867-05-24 Minneapolis MN Minneapolis, MN Rich Arpi
St. Croix Base Ball Club of Stillwater 1867-05-25 Stillwater MN Rich Arpi
Union Club of Minneapolis 1867-06 Minneapolis MN Bruce Allardice
Gopher State Base Ball Club of Rochester 1867-06-05 Rochester MN Rich Arpi
Arctic Base Ball Club of St. Cloud 1867-06-08 St. Cloud MN St. Cloud, MN Rich Arpi
Crescent Club of Red Wing 1867-06-21 Red Wing MN Rich Arpi
Gopher Base Ball Club of Owatonna 1867-07-04 Owatonna MN Owatonna, MN Rich Arpi
Union Base Ball Club of Lake City 1867-07-10 Lake City MN Lake City, MN Rich Arpi
Frontier BBC of Mankato 1867-07-10 Mankato MN Mankato, MN Rich Arpi
Prairie Base Ball Club of Winona 1867-07-15 Winona MN Bruce Allardice
Tyrolean Club of St. Cloud 1868 St. Cloud MN Bruce Allardice
University Club of Minneapolis 1868 Minneapolis MN Bruce Allardice
Hunkidori Club of Northwood 1868 Northwood MN Northwood, MN Bruce Allardice
Union Club of Pine Island 1868 Pine Island MN Pine Island, MN Bruce Allardice
Club of High Forest 1868 High Forest MN High Forest, MN Bruce Allardice
Club of Albert Lea 1868-04-26 Albert Lea MN Albert Lea, MN Bruce Allardice
St. Peter Base Ball Club 1868-05-06 St. Peter MN St. Peter, MN Rich Arpi
Eagles Base Ball Club of Wabasha 1868-06-08 Wabasha MN Rich Arpi
Minnehaha Base Ball Club of Northfield 1868-06-20 Northfield MN Northfield, MN Rich Arpi
Club of Cherry Grove 1868 Cherry Grove MN Cherry Grove, MN Bruce Allardice
Farmers Club of Rochester 1869 Rochester MN Bruce Allardice
Endymion Club of Winona 1869 Winona MN Bruce Allardice
Star Club of Red Wing 1869 Red Wing MN Bruce Allardice
Minnehahas Club of Rochester 1869 Rochester MN Bruce Allardice
Blue Earth City Base Ball Club 1869-06-16 Blue Earth MN Blue Earth, MN Rich Arpi
Red Jackets Club of Mankato 1870 Mankato MN Bruce Allardice
Gopher Club of Fairmont 1870 Fairmont MN Fairmont, MN Bruce Allardice
Clipper Club of Winona 1870 Winona MN Bruce Allardice
Active Club of St. Paul 1870 St. Paul MN Bruce Allardice
Independent Club of Lake City 1870 Lake City MN Bruce Allardice
Muffin Club of St. Cloud 1870 St. Cloud MN Bruce Allardice
Union Club of Chester 1870 Chester MN Chester, MN Bruce Allardice
Granites Club of Sauk Rapids 1870 Sauk Rapids MN Sauk Rapids, MN Bruce Allardice
High School Club of Owatonna 1870 Owatonna MN Bruce Allardice
Clipper Club of St. Anthony 1870 Minneapolis MN Bruce Allardice
Austin Base Ball Club 1870-06-03 Austin MN Austin, MN Rich Arpi
Pioneer Base Ball Club of Jackson 1870-07-04 Jackson MN Jackson, MN Bruce Allardice
Sooner Base Ball Club of Alexandria 1871-06-17 Alexandria MN Alexandria, MN Rich Arpi
Shoo Flys Base Ball Club of New Ulm (near) 1871-07-15 New Ulm (near) MN New Ulm (near), MN Rich Arpi
Duluth Base Ball Club 1872-05-30 Duluth MN Duluth, MN Rich Arpi
Redwood Falls Base Ball Club 1872-06-14 Redwood Falls MN Redwood Falls, MN Rich Arpi
Detroit Lakes Base Ball Club 1872-06-22 Detroit Lakes MN Detroit Lakes, MN Rich Arpi
Cass Base Ball Club of Brainerd 1873-04-18 Brainerd MN Brainerd, MN Rich Arpi
Club of Moorhead 1874 Moorhead MN Moorhead, MN Bruce Allardice
Worthington Base Ball Club 1874-04-18 Worthington MN Worthington, MN Rich Arpi
Marshall Base Ball Club 1874-06-11 Marshall MN Marshall, MN Rich Arpi
Red Caps Club of St. Paul 1877-05-02 St. Paul MN Rich Arpi
Clippers Club of Sauk Centre 1877-08-09 Sauk Centre MN Sauk Centre, MN Stew Thornley
Minneapolis Brown Stockings 1883-06-28 Minneapolis MN Rich Arpi
Minnesota Chiefs Club of Stillwater 1883-08-08 Stillwater MN Rich Arpi
High school Club of Moorhead 1884-06-07 Moorhead MN Rich Arpi
Tower Baseball Club 1888-07-01 Tower MN Tower, MN Rich Arpi
Vermilion Base Ball Club of Ely 1891-04-26 Ely MN Ely, MN Rich Arpi
Grand Rapids Base Ball Club 1891-05-07 Grand Rapids MN Grand Rapids, MN Rich Arpi
Two Harbors Base Ball Club 1891-07-04 Two Harbors MN Two Harbors, MN Rich Arpi
Thief River Falls Base Ball Club 1894-05-27 Thief River Falls MN Thief River Falls, MN Rich Arpi
Virginia Baseball Club 1895-05-19 Virginia MN Virginia, MN Rich Arpi
Hibbing Base Ball Club 1898-07-02 Hibbing MN Hibbing, MN Rich Arpi
Bemidji Base Ball Club 1901-07-04 Bemidji MN Bemidji, MN Rich Arpi
White Earth Base Ball Club of White Earth Objiwe Nation 1903-07-30 White Earth Objiwe Nation MN White Earth Objiwe Nation, MN Rich Arpi
Reds Base Ball Club of International Falls 1904-06-02 International Falls MN International Falls, MN Rich Arpi