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Club Date City Borough State First in Contributor
Nininger Base Ball Club 1857-08-03 Nininger MN MN Rich Arpi
Olympics Base Ball Club of St. Paul 1858-12-01 St. Paul MN St. Paul, MN Rich Arpi
Lower Town Base Ball Club of St. Paul 1859-08-15 St. Paul MN Rich Arpi
Upper Town Base Ball Club of St. Paul 1859-08-15 St. Paul MN Rich Arpi
Central Base Ball Club of St. Paul 1859-09-07 St. Paul MN Rich Arpi
Club of Stillwater 1860-03 Stillwater MN Stillwater, MN Bruce Allardice
Olympic Club of St. Paul 1860-09-11 St. Paul MN Richard Hershberger
North Star Base Ball Club of St. Paul 1865-05-09 St. Paul MN Rich Arpi
Excelsior Club of Fort Snelling of St. Paul 1865-05-18 St. Paul MN Rich Arpi
Vermillion Base Ball Club of Hastings 1865-06-24 Hastings MN Hastings, MN Rich Arpi
Red Wing Base Ball Club 1866-08-17 Red Wing MN Red Wing, MN Rich Arpi
North Star BBC of Rochester 1867-03-23 Rochester MN Rochester, MN
Base Ball Club of Shakopee 1867-04-18 Shakopee MN Shakopee, MN Bob Tholkes
Rochester BBC of Rochester 1867-04-23 Rochester MN Robert Tholkes
Seabury Base Ball Club of Faribault 1867-05-01 Faribault MN Faribault, MN Rich Arpi
Minneapolis Base Ball Club 1867-05-24 Minneapolis MN Minneapolis, MN Rich Arpi
St. Croix Base Ball Club of Stillwater 1867-05-25 Stillwater MN Rich Arpi
Gopher State Base Ball Club of Rochester 1867-06-05 Rochester MN Rich Arpi
Arctic Base Ball Club of St. Cloud 1867-06-08 St. Cloud MN St. Cloud, MN Rich Arpi
Crescent Club of Red Wing 1867-06-21 Red Wing MN Rich Arpi
Champion Base Ball Club of Winona 1867-06-26 Winona MN Winona, MN Rich Arpi
Gopher Base Ball Club of Owatonna 1867-07-04 Owatonna MN Owatonna, MN Rich Arpi
Union Base Ball Club of Lake City 1867-07-10 Lake City MN Lake City, MN Rich Arpi
Frontier BBC of Mankato 1867-07-10 Mankato MN Mankato, MN Rich Arpi
Prairie Base Ball Club of Winona 1867-07-15 Winona MN Bruce Allardice
St. Peter Base Ball Club 1868-05-06 St. Peter MN St. Peter, MN Rich Arpi
Eagles Base Ball Club of Wabasha 1868-06-08 Wabasha MN Wabasha, MN Rich Arpi
Minnehaha Base Ball Club of Northfield 1868-06-20 Northfield MN Northfield, MN Rich Arpi
Club of Cherry Grove 1868 Cherry Grove MN Cherry Grove, MN Bruce Allardice
Blue Earth City Base Ball Club 1869-06-16 Blue Earth MN Blue Earth, MN Rich Arpi
Austin Base Ball Club 1870-06-03 Austin MN Austin, MN Rich Arpi
Pioneer Base Ball Club of Jackson 1870-07-04 Jackson MN Jackson, MN Bruce Allardice
Sooner Base Ball Club of Alexandria 1871-06-17 Alexandria MN Alexandria, MN Rich Arpi
Shoo Flys Base Ball Club of New Ulm (near) 1871-07-15 New Ulm (near) MN New Ulm (near), MN Rich Arpi
Duluth Base Ball Club 1872-05-30 Duluth MN Duluth, MN Rich Arpi
Redwood Falls Base Ball Club 1872-06-14 Redwood Falls MN Redwood Falls, MN Rich Arpi
Detroit Lakes Base Ball Club 1872-06-22 Detroit Lakes MN Detroit Lakes, MN Rich Arpi
Cass Base Ball Club of Brainerd 1873-04-18 Brainerd MN Brainerd, MN Rich Arpi
Club of Moorhead 1874 Moorhead MN Moorhead, MN Bruce Allardice
Worthington Base Ball Club 1874-04-18 Worthington MN Worthington, MN Rich Arpi
Marshall Base Ball Club 1874-06-11 Marshall MN Marshall, MN Rich Arpi
Red Caps Club of St. Paul 1877-05-02 St. Paul MN Rich Arpi
Clippers Club of Sauk Centre 1877-08-09 Sauk Centre MN Sauk Centre, MN Stew Thornley
Minneapolis Brown Stockings 1883-06-28 Minneapolis MN Rich Arpi
Minnesota Chiefs Club of Stillwater 1883-08-08 Stillwater MN Rich Arpi
High school Club of Moorhead 1884-06-07 Moorhead MN Rich Arpi
Tower Baseball Club 1888-07-01 Tower MN Tower, MN Rich Arpi
Vermilion Base Ball Club of Ely 1891-04-26 Ely MN Ely, MN Rich Arpi
Grand Rapids Base Ball Club 1891-05-07 Grand Rapids MN Grand Rapids, MN Rich Arpi
Two Harbors Base Ball Club 1891-07-04 Two Harbors MN Two Harbors, MN Rich Arpi
Thief River Falls Base Ball Club 1894-05-27 Thief River Falls MN Thief River Falls, MN Rich Arpi
Virginia Baseball Club 1895-05-19 Virginia MN Virginia, MN Rich Arpi
Hibbing Base Ball Club 1898-07-02 Hibbing MN Hibbing, MN Rich Arpi
Bemidji Base Ball Club 1901-07-04 Bemidji MN Bemidji, MN Rich Arpi
White Earth Base Ball Club of White Earth Objiwe Nation 1903-07-30 White Earth Objiwe Nation MN White Earth Objiwe Nation, MN Rich Arpi
Reds Base Ball Club of International Falls 1904-06-02 International Falls MN International Falls, MN Rich Arpi