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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Alabama 18 Games and 67 Clubs

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18 Games and 67 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Club of Huntsville, AL 1866 Huntsville AL AL
Club Dramatic Club of Mobile 1866-11 Mobile AL Mobile, AL
Ballgame Dramatic Club of Mobile v Lone Star Club of New Orleans 7 - 92 1867-04-10 Mobile AL AL
Club Pelham Club of Montgomery 1867-05 Montgomery AL Montgomery, AL
Club Club of Greenville 1867-06 Greenville AL Greenville, AL
Ballgame Montgomery Club of Montgomery v Pelham Club of Montgomery 52 - 30 1867-06-03 Montgomery AL Montgomery, AL
Club Athletic Club of Selma 1867 Selma AL Selma, AL
Ballgame Central City Club of Selma v Athletic Club of Selma 72 - 59 1867-10-17 Selma AL Selma, AL
Club Magnolia Club of Marion 1868 Marion AL Marion, AL
Club Club of Dadeville 1868 Dadeville AL Dadeville, AL
Ballgame Stonewall Club of Wetumpka v Invincible Club of Wetumpka 53 - 68 1868-06-06 Wetumpka AL Wetumpka, AL
Club Invincible Club of Wetumpka 1868 Wetumpka AL Wetumpka, AL
Club Excelsior Club of Spring Hill 1868 Spring Hill AL Spring Hill, AL
Club Club of Autaugaville 1869 Autaugaville AL Autaugaville, AL
Club Etowah Club of Gadsden 1869-05-17 Gadsden AL Gadsden, AL
Ballgame Athletics of Huntsville v General Crawfords 42 - 68 1869-07-02 Huntsville AL Huntsville, AL
Ballgame Wetumpka v Qui Vive Club of Prattville 1869-08-28 Robinson Springs AL Robinson Springs, AL
Ballgame Etowah Club of Gadsden v Peabody Club of Talladega 1869-10 Jacksonville AL Jacksonville, AL
Club Club of Oxford, AL 1870 Oxford AL Oxford, AL
Club Club of Union Springs, AL 1870 Union Springs AL Union Springs, AL
Club Club of Cherokee 1870 Cherokee AL Cherokee, AL
Club Club of Opelika 1870 Opelika AL Opelika, AL
Club Club of Demopolis 1870 Demopolis AL Demopolis, AL
Club Club of Tuskegee 1871 Tuskegee AL Tuskegee, AL
Club Calhoun College Club of Jacksonville 1871 Jacksonville AL Jacksonville, AL
Club Hiawatha Club of Tuscaloosa 1872 Tuscaloosa AL Tuscaloosa, AL
Club Festive Club of Eufaula 1873 Eufaula AL Eufaula, AL
Ballgame 1873-01 Eufaula AL Eufaula, AL
Club Club of Jasper, AL 1874 Jasper AL Jasper, AL
Club Club of Meridianville 1874-08 Meridianville AL Meridianville, AL
Ballgame Fayetteville, TN v Club of Meridianville 48 - 22 1874-08 Meridianville AL Meridianville, AL
Club Club of Florence 1875-07 Florence AL Florence, AL
Ballgame Club of Demopolis v A MS club 14 - 15 1875-08 Demopolis AL Demopolis, AL
Club Alligator Club of Decatur 1875 Decatur AL Decatur, AL
Club Club of Courtland 1876-07 Courtland AL Courtland, AL
Club Bloods Club of Troy 1877-08 Troy AL Troy, AL
Club Club of Cullman 1878-07 Cullman AL Cullman, AL

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