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Tips on Linking Ballgames to Clubs in the Pre-Pro Data Base

by Dave Anderson, February 2013

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To link a club to a ballgame, enter the club name in the ballgame home team or away team field. When a home team or an away team club does not match a club name on the site, you can use the " Add Club Page" link. It's more complicated the club exists and the names don't match; that is covered later in the article.

The Simple Case: Typing in the Club When Adding a Ballgame When the Club Has Already Been Entered

When you are adding a ballgame and the clubs have already been entered into Protoball, linking the clubs with the ballgame is easy: type in the name of the club. The ballgame form presents an autocomplete list as you type; so, you might type a few characters and then select with your mouth the right club name from the list that appeared as you typed. Once you select the club, that text is put in the team box and you can continue with the form. Once you save, the team field should have a link to the club you entered.

Side Note: The Benefits of Linking a Club to a Ballgame

Linking a club to a ballgame allows you to see and add more details of the club. It allows the club's page to display a list of known games it played.

The Two Step Case: Typing in the Club When Adding a Ballgame When the Club Has Not Yet Been Entered

This is similar to typing in the club name when the club has already been entered, except you don't select it from the list; you just enter the club name as free text. Take care: follow the club name conventions of the Protoball site.

Protoball Club Name Conventions:

We only know the city
Club of "City". Example: "Club of Albany".
We know the mascot and the city
"Mascot" Club of "City". Example: "Union Club of Chicago".
We know the official name of the Club
Verbatim club name. Example: "Syracuse Base Ball Club".

Once you finish with the Ballgame form, look at the team fields. You see the club missing its own entry will have an " Add Club Page" link. Click on that link and you will be taken to a Club form page. Here you add the club information and save the form to create the club's page. The saved club page should list the ballgame you entered.

When the Club Page Exists and the Ballgame Team is Using the Wrong Name

If the club exists but doesn't match what is entered in for the ballgame, simply edit the ballgame and change the name of the club to match the correct club name. If then game has already been reviewed, have an admin like Larry edit it for you.

When the Club Page Exists and the Club Page is Using the Wrong Name

If the club exists and it is using its Club page has the name wrong, edit the Club page and change the name. A script will update the page name overnight. If then club has already been reviewed, have an admin like Larry edit it for you.