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Page Date City Borough State Team 1 Team 2 Score First in Contributor
Ballgame 1857-05-30 Waukesha WI Carroll College Club Village residents 11 - 4 Craig Waff
Ballgame 1858-06-19 Grand Rapids WI WI Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1859 Beloit WI Beloit Illinoisans Beloit, WI Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1859 Baraboo WI Bachelors Married Men Baraboo, WI Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1859-06-04 Fox Lake WI Club of Fox Lake Club of Courtland 99 - 99 Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1859-07-04 Pleasant Valley WI Pleasant Valley, WI Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1859-11-30 Milwaukee WI Hathaway's Side King's Side 40 - 35 Milwaukee, WI Dennis Pajot
Ballgame 1859-11-30 Milwaukee WI Hathaway’s side King’s side 40 - 35 Craig Waff
Ballgame 1859-12-10 Milwaukee WI Hathaway’s side King’s side 33 - 23 Craig Waff
Ballgame 1859-12-17 Milwaukee WI Hathaway’s side King’s side 54 - 33 Craig Waff
Ballgame 1860-03-02 La Crosse WI Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1860-04 Madison WI Scholars of Madison Scholars of Madison Madison, WI Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1860-04-05 Milwaukee WI Craig Waff
Ballgame 1860-06-07 Milwaukee WI Craig Waff
Ballgame 1860-06-16 Milwaukee WI Hathaway’s side Chandler’s side 27 - 26 Craig Waff
Ballgame 1860-09-01 Milwaukee WI Excelsior Club of Milwaukee Club of Milwaukee 48 - 13 Craig Waff
Ballgame 1860-10-10 Milwaukee WI Milwaukee Excelsior Craig Waff
Ballgame 1860-10-20 Milwaukee WI Milwaukee Excelsior Craig Waff
Ballgame 1861 Eau Claire WI Eau Claire, WI Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1865-07-13 Madison WI Capital City Club of Madison Madison BBC of Madison 58 - 33 Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1866-10-02 Racine WI Racine Club Racine Club Racine, WI Dennis Pajot
Ballgame 1866-10-13 Janesville WI Bower City Club II of Janesville Olympians (Beloit College) 8 - 61 Janesville, WI Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1866-10-23 Racine WI Racine Club Belle City Club of Racine 21 - 25 Dennis Pajot
Ballgame 1867 Baraboo WI Lodi Club of Baraboo Dennis Pajot
Ballgame 1867 Shullsburg WI Shullsburg, WI Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1867-07-08 Hazel Green WI Club of Platteville Galena Base Ball Club of Galena Hazel Green, WI Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1869-07-03 Sturgeon Bay WI Peninsula Club of Sturgeon Bay Empire Club of Little Sturgeon 92 - 63 Sturgeon Bay, WI Bruce Allardice