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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Club of Ellsworth, ME 1858 Ellsworth ME Ellsworth, ME
Club Portland Base Ball Club 1858 Portland ME ME
Club Ellsworth Club of Hancock County 1858-09 Hancock County ME Hancock County, ME
Ballgame Portland Base Ball Club v Tri-Mountain Club of Boston 21 - 14 1859-06-28 Portland ME ME
Club Augusta Base Ball Club 1859-08-04 Augusta ME Augusta, ME
Club Sunrise Club of Brunswick 1860-10-10 Brunswick ME Brunswick, ME
Ballgame Bowdoin College Club of Brunswick v Sunrise Club of Brunswick 1860-10-10 Topsham ME Topsham, ME
Club Androscoggin Club of Lewiston 1861 Lewiston ME Lewiston, ME
Club Narragansett Club of Gorham ME 1861-10-17 Gorham ME Gorham, ME
Club Monitor Club of Gardiner 1862 Gardiner ME Gardiner, ME
Club Lincoln Club of Waterville College 1862-04-19 Waterville ME Waterville, ME
Club Lewiston Falls Academy Club of Auburn 1864 Auburn ME Auburn, ME
Club Resolutes of Paris Hill Academy 1864 Paris ME Paris, ME
Club Casco Club of Westbrook 1864 Westbrook ME Westbrook, ME
Club Club Of Kents Hill Academy 1864 Kents Hill ME Kents Hill, ME
Club Paris Hill Academy Club of Oxford 1865 Oxford ME Oxford, ME
Ballgame Resolute Club of Norway v South Paris Club 1865 Norway ME Norway, ME
Club Farmington Base Ball Club of Farmington 1865 Farmington ME Farmington, ME
Club Resolute Club of Norway 1865 Norway ME Norway, ME
Club Club of Turner, ME 1866 Turner ME Turner, ME
Club Herculean Club of Hebron Academy 1866 Hebron ME Hebron, ME
Club Club of Sabattus 1866 Sabattus ME Sabattus, ME
Club Active Club of Bath 1866 Bath ME Bath, ME
Club Rough and Ready Club of Danville, ME 1866 Danville ME Danville, ME
Club Whipple Club of Kittery 1866-07-23 Kittery ME Kittery, ME
Club Phil Sheridan Club of Gray 1867 Gray ME Gray, ME
Club Crescents Club of Saccarappa 1867 Saccarappa ME Saccarappa, ME
Club Excelsior Club of Durham, ME 1867 Durham ME Durham, ME
Club Club of Belfast 1867 Belfast ME Belfast, ME
Club Alert Club of New Gloucester 1867 New Gloucester ME New Gloucester, ME
Club Presumpscot Club of Windham 1867 Windham ME Windham, ME
Club Sebago Club of Little Falls 1867 Little Falls ME Little Falls, ME
Club Active Club of Cumberland Mills 1867 Cumberland Mills ME Cumberland Mills, ME
Club Union Club of South Windham 1867 South Windham ME South Windham, ME
Club Pythian Club of East Winthrop 1867 East Winthrop ME East Winthrop, ME
Club Wawenoes Club of Hollowell 1867 Hallowell ME Hallowell, ME
Club Hoopla Club of Saco 1867 Saco ME Saco, ME
Club Sheridan Club of Norridgewock 1867 Norridgewock ME Norridgewock, ME
Club Club of Dover, Maine 1867 Dover ME Dover, ME
Club Club of Biddeford 1867 Biddeford ME Biddeford, ME
Club Fleetfoots Club of Mechanic Falls 1867-05-17 Mechanic Falls ME Mechanic Falls, ME
Club Queen City Club of Bangor 1867-06 Bangor ME Bangor, ME
Ballgame Oriental Club of Bangor v Penobscot Club of Bangor 35 - 25 1867-07-17 Bangor ME Bangor, ME
Club Pequakett Club of Fryeburg 1868 Fryeburg ME Fryeburg, ME
Club Oak Hills Club of Bucksport 1868 Bucksport ME Bucksport, ME
Club Valley Club of Sanford 1868 Sanford ME Sanford, ME
Club Franklin Club of Topsham 1868 Topsham ME Topsham, ME
Club Olympic Club of Hampden 1868 Hampden ME Hampden, ME
Club Lime Rock Club of Rockland 1868 Rockland ME Rockland, ME
Club Nanticoke Club of Waldoboro 1868 Waldoboro ME Waldoboro, ME
Ballgame Dirigos Club of Falmouth v Rising Star Club of Portland 49 - 23 1868-09-02 Augusta ME Augusta, ME
Club Dirigos Club of Falmouth 1868-09-02 Falmouth ME Falmouth, ME
Club Unas Club of Ligonia 1868-10-12 Ligonia ME Ligonia, ME
Club Calliopean Club of Brownville 1869 Brownville ME Brownville, ME
Club Star Club of Bridgton 1869 Bridgton ME Bridgton, ME
Club Harrison Club of Harrison, ME 1869 Harrison ME Harrison, ME
Club Dirigo Club of Berwick 1869 Berwick ME Berwick, ME
Club Katahdin Club of Dexter 1869 Dexter ME Dexter, ME
Ballgame Athletes Club of Gorham ME v Dirigos Club of Falmouth 35 - 39 1869-05-22 Gorham ME Gorham, ME
Club Unas Club of Brownfield 1870 Brownfield ME Brownfield, ME
Club Lightfoots Club of Houlton 1870 Houlton ME Houlton, ME
Club Hercules Club of North Berwick 1870 North Berwick ME North Berwick, ME
Club Resolute Club of Lebanon 1870 Lebanon ME Lebanon, ME
Club Frontier Club of Calais 1872 Calais ME Calais, ME