Eckford Club of Brooklyn v Union Club of Morrisania on 17 September 1856

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Date of Game Wednesday, September 17, 1856
Location Harlem, Manhattan, NY, United States
Field Red House
Home Team Eckford Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Union Club of Morrisania
Score 22 - 8
Innings 7
Game Officials Referee, R. G. Cornell; Umpire Eckford, T.G. Van Cott; Umpire Union, T.E. Sutton (E. Miklich)
NY Rules Likely

(7 innings)


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Source Image
09-17-1856; New York Clipper - 09-27; p 183, col 2.jpg

First Eckford match against an organized club. (E. Miklich)

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Found by Craig Waff
First in Location Harlem, NY
Players Locality Local
Entry Origin Games Tab
Entry Origin Url Tab:Greater New York City#date1856-9-17


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