Atlantic Club of Jamaica v Osceola Club of Brooklyn on 21 July 1858

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Date of Game Wednesday, July 21, 1858
Location Jamaica, Queens, NY, United States
Field Atlantic grounds
Home Team Atlantic Club of Jamaica
Away Team Osceola Club of Brooklyn
Score 50 - 30

(BDE: “The weather was fine—the young men in good spirits-the attendance of visitors from this village and from Brooklyn was large, a fair proportion being ladies, …Ball-playing is a fine, healthy, enlivening, manly sport; and when conducted, as between these two Clubs, in the most earnest, good-natured, and gentlemanly manner throughout, cannot be objected to by any.”)

(PSOT: “The attendance was very large, a great many of our ‘village fair’ (of which we have plenty to boast of) were present, and seemed to take great interest in the game. It is probable there were three or four hundred persons on the ground during the playing (quite a big crowd for the country); and it was amusing to see the chaps around keeping the account of the game. The weather was all base-ball players could desire, and with a good cool breeze to keep them in a ‘rigid state,” all things passed off well.…After having a smile ‘all round,’ the clubs repaired to the American Hotel, and partook of a cold collation which had been spread for them, where the best of feeling of existed, and numerous speeches were made by members of both clubs, and toasts given; after which they paid their compliments to various persons of note, among others the Hon. J. A. King, Governor of the State, at their respective residences, at all of which places they were warmly received and properly cared for. The Osceolas left our village at 11 o’clock last night (per midnight train), highly pleased with the Atlantic Club, of Jamaica, and in the best of spirits (champagne).”)


(1) “Jamaica vs. Brooklyn,” BDE, vol. 17, no. 177 (28 Jul 1858), p. 2, col. 5

(2) Trom, “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Atlantic vs. Osceola” PSOT, vol. 4, no. 22 (31 Jul 1858), p. 340, col. 3

(3) Peverelly, p. 79


Tholkes RIM has this game July 26th.

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Found by Craig Waff
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