Atlantic Club of Brooklyn v Liberty Club of New Brunswick on 8 October 1860

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Date of Game Monday, October 8, 1860
Location Bedford, Long Island, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field Atlantic grounds
Home Team Atlantic Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Liberty Club of New Brunswick
Score 15 - 10

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(BDE: “The Atlantic’s old catcher, Boerum, who has been to Europe, was in his place, and at it they went. The game was a short one, interrupted for a time by the rain.” [followed by a long description of dinner])

(NYT: “the Brooklynites came out ahead after a very short game, the rain interrupting it for a time.”)

(NYC: “At the close of the game, the Atlantics entertained their guests in splendid style at the Montauk Dining Rooms, cor. of Fulton and Furman streets, where a sumptuous supper was laid out, and full justice was done to it by the hungry guests, who found the proprietor of the establishment an admirable and very attentive caterer to their appetites. Songs and speeches finished the evening, Prendergast, of the ‘Office,’ being in fine vocal condition, of which his excellent singing gave proof.”)


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(4) Peverelly, pp. 63 & 90 [latter page switches dates of 27 Sep and 8 Oct games.]

(5) Wright, p. 45

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Found by Craig Waff
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