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Nick Name Shaffers
Earliest Known Date 1865
Location Freeport, IL, United States

Peter Morris et al., editors, "Base Ball Pioneers. 1850-1870" p. 224 says the Freeport Empires and Shaffers played in a tournament in Sept. 1865. This was the base ball tournament played Sept. 19th and 20th at the Winnebago County Fair. The Freeport North West Sept. 28, 1865 reports that on the first day the Excelsior of Chicago slaughtered the Shaffer of Freeport 87-8. On the second day the Empire of Freeport played the Atlantic of Chicago. According to the Freeport newspaper, the Atlantic were clinging to a narrow 16-15 lead, with Freeport up to bat with men on base, when the Atlantics protested an umpire's decision and walked off the field. The newspaper suspected the Chicagoans did that deliberately to avoid a humiliating loss. According to the newspaper, the Atlantics had tried to bring in "ringers" to this game.

The Rockford Weekly Register-Gazette, Oct. 21, 1865 reports that the Forest City of Rockford, beat the Shaffers of Freeport 31-23 at Freeport, and gives a box score. "Col. J. W. Shaffer" entertained both teams after the game. Presumably the team was named after him. He owned a local insurance agency.

See also the Freeport Journal, June 6, 1866, which gives a history of the Empire Club, and mentions their games with the Shaffers.


Peter Morris et al., editors, "Base Ball Pioneers. 1850-1870" p. 224. The Rockford Weekly Register-Gazette, Oct. 21, 1865. The Freeport North West Sept. 28, 1865

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Found by Bruce Allardice
Entered by Bruce Allardice
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