Three Man Ball -- Hit It Out

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Game Three Man Ball -- Hit It Out
Game Family Fungo Fungo
Regions US
Eras Derivative, Contemporary
Invented No

A "National 3 Man Ball League and Baseball Tournament" was announced in March 2013, to take place n Miami in April 2013.

In this game, hitters swing at underhand deliveries (from a teammate) and try to hit the (undefined) ball into a fairly narrow pizza-slice-shaped fair territory such that it is not caught by the three fielders playing defense for the opposing club.  Shorter "hits" are counted as singles, longer ones doubles and triples, and hits passing the 360-foot outer boundary are home runs.

The game uses imaginary base-runners who normally advance only one base at a time.  An unusual feature of this game is that after three home runs are achieved, additional hits beyond the end-line are registered as outs.  Games take 45 minutes, or an unclear number of innings.

This game bears a resemblance to other non-running fungo-type games listed on this website, including Indian Ball (Missouri), Line Ball (Chicago), Wiffleball, Pingball, Evansville Townball, and  Grutz.







A little more information resides at a website, still under construction in March 2013, at

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