Southern Club of New Orleans v Magnolia Club of New Orleans on 2 October 1859

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Date of Game Sunday, October 2, 1859
Location New Orleans, LA, United States
Field “Back of the old paper-mill, Third District”
Home Team Southern Club of New Orleans
Away Team Magnolia Club of New Orleans
Score 53 - 29

(The New Orleans Bee (1): “The Royal street omnibuses will carry all who desire to witness the contest to within a short distance of the ground.”)

(The New Orleans Bee (2): “The weather was genial, and of very accommodating temperature, the ground was a good one, though rather too rough. And the attendance, though not as large as the crowds we have witnessed at the Delachaise ground, was quite liberal.  The companies had tents for their guests, and also for toilette and refreshment purposes.  The playing was extremely spirited, and of the most pleasing features of the day was the cordial spirit displayed between the members of the contesting clubs.  [Lengthy description of post-game festivities follows.]  The clubs, wuth their guests, then formed in procession, with the stars and stripes in advance, and marched down to the United States Hotel, on Elysian Fields street, where they took a parting imbibation, and then the Southerns marched up home, wearing their laurels with laudable modesty.”)

The New Orleans Daily Delta, Oct. 4, 1859 reports that the Southern won 53-29, and that the game was played on Claiborne, near the corner of Bagatelle.


(1) “City Intelligence: Field Sports,” The New Orleans Bee, vol. 32, no. 11,481 [new series—vol. 32] (1 Oct 1859), p. 1, col. 5

(2) “City Intelligence: Fine Game of Base Ball,” The New Orleans Bee, vol. 32, no. 11,482 [new series—vol. 17] (3 Oct 1859), p. 1, col. 4

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Found by Craig Waff
Entry Origin Games Tab 2
Entry Origin Url Tab:New Orleans#date1859-10-2


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