Sons of Ocean Club of New Bedford

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Nick Name Sons of Ocean
Earliest Known Date 1858
Location New Bedford, MA, United States

From Protoball Entry #1858.32 – Ballplaying Interest Hits New Bedford MA

"Yet Another: A number of seamen, now in port, have formed a Club entitled the 'Sons of the Ocean Base Ball Club.' They play on the City commons, on Thursdays, and we are requested to state that the members challenge any of the other clubs in the city to a trial either of New York or Massachusetts game."

New Bedford Evening Standard, September 13, 1858, as referenced at "Early days of Baseball in New Bedford, ca. 1858., [or google "'south coast vintage' 1858"], as accessed on 1/4/2008. This was evidently the first recorded mention of the NY game in the area. The website, maintained by Kyle DeCicco-Carey, relates how the several New Bedford clubs debated which regional game to play in 1858, with the MA game prevailing at that point.

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First in Location New Bedford, MA
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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New Bedford Common 1858 -

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